Article: @Okmalumkoolkat and his approach to music

Hi there

I get very nervous when it comes to writing about a new artist or better yet what gives me the right to say the “word” new or even have thoughts on what makes an artist. So the disclaimer for this piece is that Im going to tell you abit about Okmalumkoolkat and what I think makes him break out the clutter. *Im writing this as a curator not as a consumer*. 

Firstly I have met dude number of times and was always hesitant on approaching him for an interview cause I did not listen to his music. Thats the honest fact. And I did not know what to ask him. 

So as every budding curator (Note I said curator not blogger or Journalist) I studied homies music and what I found was an artist whose in such a lane that no one sees it. Sure you can think of the remixes and blah blah blah, but Smiso’s approach to music is really exciting for me cause of the time and culture we living in. When you listen to his music you can relate to the stories he’s telling and the current textures he presents in his music. You can identify with his Durban upbringing and influence of UKhozi FM

South Africa is really breeding artists that have such an authentic rich African sound that we cant ignore these dudes. Not once have i heard homeboy use metaphors foreign to his land but he brings it back to where his from. 

I really look forward to listening to more of @Okmalumkoolkat music. Can’t believe I even missed the moment when he shared the stage with the legendary Mos Def. Such moments come once in a lifetime but with the way things are going homies music is sure to break boundaries and inspire us as African curators to start looking at our own backyards and creating, innovating and making sure that we preserve SA Music aesthetics

I will be dropping his video interview I did with him in a short while. Hope you enjoy it and thank you again Smiso for allowing me the opportunity to document a part of your journey. 

Highlights from the interview include – His 2 part EP x Defining his sound x What he listed to growing up x Plans for 2014 and more

“Last year I almost got sucked into the rap world. I never set out to be the best rapper. I even hate being on a track and people telling you about a verse and not the whole track. Im here to make music”- @Okmalumkoolkat

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