Thank x You

7 years ago when we Skinnygenes.Tv was started we didnt know what it would end up looking like nor do we even till this day know what it actually is about. Lots of people have been asking what we do , why the name and so on. Simply put when theres a moment within urban culture that needs to be documented, I will always be there.

It is with great excitement to state that 2013 content is now being churned in and lots of clients work will be flooding the next very very soon. Guess you going to keep on waiting

s/o to everyone who played a role in getting us here. Every promoter, Rep, promotions, artist, dj, fashion designer. Thank you so much

It alsio just dawned on me that this is the first post like ever besides when we announced our deal with @PumaSA… Its 1am and im here going after all the material and stuff that you guys will see. 

Till the next random text 

Laters and enjoy up coming content



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