#2 Article -Do likes x shares x tweets really matter

Happy Tuesday to you. I been doing alot of thinking lately. Thinking centered around the value of what it means to be a creator , a man focused on documenting for urban culture in South Africa and speaking to brands that want and need a core audience and giving the art form the beauty that it so rightly deserves. (I hate fullstops as you can read, why do they have to box my words?) – random rant

My thoughts also lead me to a fundamental truth that will shed light into what I see as being the value of the output (product) > the audience perceptions

Let me break it down you abit. Social media came in the game to be exactly what it is “social” and now brands have started trying to join the conversation with people (not consumers).This conversation from a brands perspective needs a quantifiable measure that gives what ever the product is a numerical value that is supposed to create some sort of meaning. This method needs to be re-worked cause i CANT see the value its bringing. 

Ever heard of the term “Going Viral” , this type of content is one thats created without the purposes of going viral. People just create content with the sole aim of creating. Dont worry im about to make a point in a short bit, just want to take you on a journey of content for abit before i land a killer punch to look at new ways that your content can have meaning beyond likes and shares.

The Killa punch?

Create because you want to create

Create because its what your heart tells you to do

Create because you have a story to tell.

Create to leave a legacy…

Those are the killa punches everything else is secondary. When Skinny started 6 or 7 years ago we made it a point that the work will never ever be judged on likes or shares nor will we get gassed up on the views the videos get. Sure video views are amazing but so what? How are they building a core consumer who will always come back without wanting to see themselves. Thats a topic on loyalty with Urban culture which is a topic for another day. 

I been shooting at events for a long time now. My dad made me choose between buying me an IPhone or a Camera and I chose a camera. Till this day its the best gift I ever got from my dad. Fast forward years later if i get one moment or one picture that summs up the event im enthralled. Not because its such a zany way to think of content but what if that one picture x video will make you known for something one day. Im sure the fella who shot the Hector Peterson pic had been grinding for a while. What about the camera guy who captured Martin Luthers speech “Free At Last” or what about the guy who flimed Dalibungu coming out of prison. All these people have one thing in common, that one piece of content was not based on likes and shares it was based on the content. The content should be the starting point that we all focus our energies on. 

This brings me to the term known as authenticity and relevance. You are only as relevant and authentic by the message you put out not based on the reception people give you. Chew on that for abit. We are all trying to leave a legacy and thats the crux of this piece is to somewhat get you thinking of your output..

Here are a few guiding thoughts in terms of content and authenticity I have stashed underneath my pillow which Im wiling to share with you 🙂

1. Likes are a nod to great work. True, but great work deserves great content

2. Shares are an ode to passing out a message for someone else to see. Fantastic. But why would someone share a piece of work that does not engage with them?

3. Views (I love views) – these are the holy grail of what we are all doing. We are all trying to eat with views. But let me plant a seed in your head , it takes that one moment to live your dreams and wishes, Likes are an afterthought. That one design, one song, one video, one picture can make you or break you. So start at the piece of content before looking for everyones approval.

For likes and shares, I challenge you to like something that may change someones life. Scenario,if you have the power to Retweet something that can help someone do it, its that persons moment to shine or get whats coming to them. So many of us base the mentions as an indicator of great work , im also guilty of this but that should only be made possible cause you did something great.

I must also apologize for not sending these fast enough, i usually walk the streets open my eyes and wonder at where content is going. Im still learning, I have no idea what this is nor do I know where its going. 

But I know one thing. THIS IS CONTENT : 

My advice to you – leave a legacy that will not be judged and based on likes and shares. Let your content move mountains, build pyramids, melt igloos. Be  relentless in your pursuit of thinking craft first before measurement. Numbers can gas you up 🙂

If you are still reading this you know what to do. GO CREATE AND DONT LISTEN TO THE NOISE 🙂




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