@RepelLeper x Cape Town Urban Culture x South African Urban Culture x Brand Review

Greetings to #TheUnconventional 

Last week Saturday I had the pleasure of doing a video interview with RepelLeper and had a swell time chopping it up with KBMassive who is the creative director behind the brand.

The Video shoot went well and content leading up to the soccer social will be up on SkinnygenesTV in no time.  

What makes RepelLeper authentic x original x simple ?

The Name x The Logo

The name says it all , its a brand thats for individuals who are comfortable in their own skin. Guys that naturally don’t mind Repelling and standing for that one thing. Its also a name that spelt backwards if you pay careful attention to the logo.

About the logo- the logo will be KB’s thumbprint. How original is this , I reckon its amazing and fascinating that an individual is willing to expose themselves to the world this way. Reminds me how I got a tat of my logo ion my arm. This makes me know the stuff I need to do to keep my brand alive. Bravo on the logo for RepelLeper, its genius and reflects an identity that only one man can own

The Approach:  I love how the brand is kicking off with a sports social on the 21st March 2014. A social that will allow people to come and play 5 aside soccer (Girls included as well) , the interesting thing for me here is the angle of urban culture mixed with sports, this is an interesting space. Im yet to see a brand play in the space and I wonder if Repel will be going after this in their design. Maybe sport x retro fashion is a new trend?

The Creative Director: I wont lie there is huge pressure on KB. I even mentioned this to him that hes known as a fashionable guy and will he be pressured to bring this out visually in his brand. But pressure is good right and I have faith that we going to see something special. 

With these three things I look forward to the progression of RepelLeper in South Africa’s fashion x urban scene. Its amazing what we can do when we set our sights on showcasing our passion to the wor

One thing that I learned about RepelLeper x @KbMassive10 is that things take time and one should carefully take out a product that means something top them

” Doing this is exposing myself and my passion towards fashion. Im doing things differently” – @KBMassive10 x RepelLeper Creative Director

Be sure to check out the brands progression on Twitter by following @RepelLeper x @KBMassive10. I also hope the views shed light on what the homie is about to embark on..




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