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#SkinnyBrandSeries Episode 3 feat @BoastonSociety Store Tour

I brought you Episode 1 of #SkinnyBrandSeries feat @BoastonSociety with an instore video look book of all South African street wear brands yall can cop at the pop up space till the 30th. In this video BoastonSociety, Creative Director takes us on a tour inside the shop and shows us all the brands inside the space. Get these local brands till the 30th… #TheUnconventional #PumaLife


Wow. Im saying wow cause after doing this for about 7 years #SkinnyBrandSeries is our first ever ever feature. Okay let me shed some light on how this all came about and what its all about. Hello by the way hope Easter weekend was dope and you doing good wherever you are homie. 

#SkinnyBrandSeries will delve into the world of urban african brands that aim to forge a place in the urban scene. Thats a very loose description of what is a very very big idea that will make sense when you watch the videos.

The series will feature brands in the African continent that are carving their hearts to the minds of youth who look for and appreciate a sense of authenticity. By the way I hate that word, you are only as authentic based on the story and message you give out to the world. Another thing i hate is the way in which we look at urban culture brands. Im certain that most of the brands you wearing as you read this have a story yet most of us don’t know that story. Thats the thing with hype and getting boxed in, we start associating words to meanings without taking the time to make the meaning ourselves. The story of brands and urban culture fascinates me, not because I love the science of branding, nope because of the time we living in. Let me break it down to you.

South Africa has a rich history, our story will forever live with us. Okay shap so what? So what im saying is after the democratization of South Africa I am of the belief that people who belong in urban culture are at the forefront of shaping an identity and creating an aesthetic of the culture that will live on after we are all dead. 

All of us are shaping the future of what is urban and what is street wear based in everything we do. Have you noticed how peeps can have their own businesses just by simply smacking a logo on a t-shirt or have you noticed how we all have mates who go by their brand names and not their real names? You know what I mean. In a nutshell #SkinnyBrandSeries will be and stand for what the future will know us for. Im doing this cause I want all of our stories to be told , all of our efforts to be studied by the next generation.

Im happy that theres loads of videos to share , all shot and edited in a very #TheUnconventional way as to bring out the emotion and passion in the brands I have met and will still meet. 

I hope you enjoy the series as much as I love creating it. This is for the culture cause the culture is pulsating and moving at such a rapid pace that you would be sleeping if you did not open your eyes on the change thats happening. 

Welcome and hope you enjoy the series