What is MotherCityLive and why should you care?

Mother City Live is a web series created from a live performance event ( Okay I copied this from their Bio) … Okay in all honesty let me break down what MotherCityLive is in my opinion, my views and what I see.

Its very hard as a musician to get out there and get a crowd to start buying into any hype you trying to put out there. Moreover its even more hard to learn how to entertain and rock a crowd. You probably asking yourself why im stating the obvious. Well homie, thats because the model of the SA music industry is in need of innovation in how we start getting people to listen to music on a ground level. MotherCityLive to me is doing this.. Here’s why?

A platform is a place where someone can showcase their talent. You with me? Secondly a platform can create virality in that you never know who may see your music online. Also its a place where artists get to engage with their fans. MotherCityLive is not a bunch of people who gather at Zula every first Thursday of every month. Nope. MotherCityLive is a platform for artists to unearth what their passion. I spend alot of time looking at music blogs and other random stuff and I can safely say the MCL TEAM has really cracked it and I look forward to be shooting behind the scenes and being with them on their journey. It really is awesome to see the work that MCL Team has done thus far.

I shot a couple of interviews with artists who rocked MotherCityLive such as @NativeRefugee  who is the first artist I interviewed and proud to show you guys the behind the scenes …

S/O    for putting on a stellar show and platform for the growth of musicians in Cape Town

TX- #TheUnconventional



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