Epiosode 1 @SXC_ZA – More than just sneakers

More than just sneakers is not my attempt to pen a piece that kinda makes me seem like a sneaker freak or hype beast of sorts. Its my duty to pen down what my eyes see. What my eyes saw at twitter.com/SXC_ZA was a world into a culture that has its own language. In a nutshell twitter.com/SXC_ZA is a place where sneaker lovers come and exchange sneakers or sometimes if you have sneakers you want to sell you can do that as well.. Dope concept yeah? But it gets better

Hi by the way. Hope this week has been treating you well and the culture that we love so much is progressing and you doing your bit to keep it moving. Now before I veer off on another direction let me break it down on what I saw at  twitter.com/SXC_ZA …

Firstly its becoming clear to me that to call something a culture moreover to give it a label there needs to be guiding philosophy or a way of doing things that makes people come together to celebrate a different cause. Still With me? Sneaker culture goes back a long way from the time you were a kid and your mom or dad bought you your first pair of sneaks. Hold onto this thought of kids growing up wearing and loving sneakers cause these are the guys i met at  …

It would be easy for me to talk about the sneakers I saw twitter.com/SXC_ZA but because I love digging deep at the root of everything heres what I found out. People really love sneakers cause of the joy it brings them, the comfort on their feet, the right to say IM THE ONLY PERSON TO HAVE THESE KICKS or THESE KICKS HAVE A SPECIAL MEANING IN MY HEART

What makes all these guys similar?

Do sneakers make these guys similar? Wrong. Its the thrill of having shoes that say something about you. But more important, its the joy of being in a culture that you can’t fake. I mean think about it to be a sneaker head you have to have legit sneakers and legit sneakers cost an arm and a leg. If you got that fake stuff you can’t be regarded as a sneaker head. Thats a kill a rule. One that’s never been said (My Opinion). So what ends up happening is that fellow sneaker heads are able to nod at each other cause its the sneakers that become the right of passage. Trust me im not making this up. 

Cape Town x Sneaker Culture

To me no place in South Africa moreover Africa celebrates sneakers than Cape Town. Wait , wait before you call me out let me explain abit. Cape Town is the home of old school SA hip hop. I don’t need to name the groups cause you probably know them. At the time when old school hip hop reign supreme SA hip hop needed an aesthetic, a window dressing to say “Hey look at us we are hip hop”. So lets add up a few things and give you an example.

When RUN DMC first got their deal with the three stripes a Marketing Manger was at their show and saw hip hop heads rocking them shell toe’s. What then happened was RUN DMC got first their first  three stripe deal. What am I trying to prove here? Im trying to make you see that cultures take on things that make and bring them together. Its the people that shape culture then brands come knocking at their doors. What’s similar with this example and Cape Town is that guys are now more than ever before celebrating the culture they live in. They are rocking sneakers to show they are hip hop. Kids are growing up and the first thing they want for Xmas is them JumpMans. 

There are individuals in Cape Town that have a love for this culture that its amazing to see. A mate of mine copped two pairs of sneakers on that day and told me that he’s been looking for these sneakers for a while now. Wait a minute. Looking? Why couldn’t he just into a store and purchase sneakers like ordinary folk? Cause ordinary is played out, rocking something thats everywhere makes you seem everywhere. What my mate was trying to tell me is that sneakers define who he is, they bring out his individuality.

To end this piece let me leave you with the single thought of you when you were a kid and the love of sneakers you had. Growing up kids are pressured to have the latest shit. Fact! Growing up in Durban I owned a couple pair of sneakers and I remember the love I used to get when we would parade every xmas and the crowd voted for best dressed. I never won that competition by the way. But back to my point, when you are a kid there a few things you don’t forget and you take these things wherever you go. Sneakers and clothing for a kid mean nothing but the threads that your parents buy for you shape your identity.

To the sneaker peeps I got to interview, take pictures with thank you. Thank you for making me understand what makes a culture stand out. 

“There are rules and codes that govern the culture that we live in. To belong you have to play by the rules”


Skinny #TheUnconventional 





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