Episode 2 x @SXC_ZA x @UPPERECHELON_12 Brand Review

Definition: A brand is keeping a promise and delivering on that promise time and time again. Thats a definition on brand that I have always kept close to my heart and called upon when I get jaded in what Im really supposed to be doing or thinking when it comes to brands. 

UpperEchelon brand? What is it about? I first came across the brand during the homie http://kyeezi.tumblr.com/ #BreadandButter interview. They were there to talk about the launch of their brand and what their brand is all about.

I got interested to see their brand philosophy and approach to their design aesthetics when I was at Cape Town Sneaker Exchange. I have spent a minute understanding brands and seeing brands aiming to carve out some sort of identity. The story of @UPPERECHELON_12  aesthetic is what this feature will be focused on. 

TIER 1: Telling a story

When I was at  Cape Town Sneaker Exchange and went through the pieces from the guys range, i not only found out about the meaning behind the clothes but more than anything the type of designers the okes are introducing themselves as. The Japenese stories behind the pieces showed me that minimal is in the brand DNA for UpperEchelon, 2. simplicity resonates in all the work that they do as well. 

TIER 2: Brand DNA 

It would be wrong of me to unpack their brand cause then id be giving away their model that I know very well takes time. So let me unpack the obvious which you can also see for yourself. The brand DNA to me is based on the premise that these guys are drawing inspiration and celebrating it back and making it relevant in South Africa.

The simple nature of this T is reminiscent of Table Mountain” – Description of Grey GEO Tech T 

When looking at the brand DNA is actually all about going to the gut and hard core truth of what makes UpperEchelon different. As I said it would be unfair of me to do this.  

TIER 3: Brand vision

UpperEchelon is a street couture label aimed at enlightening individuals through designs that tell a story, while simultaneously opening individuals minds to what is relevant and most times overlooked in todays society”.  

By reading this vision one can see what the guys are focused on and where the design aesthetic and approach to design comes in. I love the “street couture” aspect of their designs. Its very different from street wear label which they are but the second word brings it up a notch and yells out quality and brand story telling at the core.

TIER 4: Brand Language

UpperEchelon more than anything sounds like a language used to talk about fusion of inspiration taken from many parts of the world and then making it culturally relevant in South Africa.  (I mentioned this uprfront I know but the language then tells you what the brand is trying to communicate).

The roman symbols, Japanese languages, the number 12. When you pay careful attention all these symbols have been carefully thought of. It aint about smacking on a logo and running to the races, their language tells a story of what “You” the user should feel when wearing the item of clothing that they make.

Im really excited to see how this brand does in street culture in South Africa. I will also be sharing an interview I did so you the user can find out more about the brand.

Street Culture is alive in Cape Town and the introduction of UpperEchelon means we have another brand that will grow the culture.




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