Dont be fooled by this title its very true, I AM SUCH A SLUT of music its not even funny. Well it may seem funny cause the negative word in the headline will have to warrant me partaking in an act to be called such a word. Let me share WHY I AM A SLUT?

I remember like it was yesterday, well it was on Monday 11 th August I was in Cape Town , South Africa minding my own business till I saw a notification on my alerts that a new EP will be dropping in a few hours. Just like any curious soul (Not Journalist) I ventured out to see what the EP was all about. Low and behold it was an EP called Holy Oxygen by Okmalumkoolkat, funny story is that I had heard about this project before x this made it extra sweet for me to go out there and purchase it. What did I do?

I followed the relevant links untill i hit a brick wall. The brick wall in this was the means of accessing the music. I own a blackberry , a cheap one at that and now as a SLUT  its high time i copped me an Iphone cause i get so jealous when i see peeps using it all for the wrong reasons. But this is not what this is about. Its me being a SLUT for the music. The other funny part is that when you look at the penetration of iPhone users x mix that with LSM stats mix that with geographical locations you will start seeing a different picture. However I am in no position to be saying how x where music is spread. In fact the distribution of music via iTunes is brilliant. I just dont think we are ready for it, ready in the sense to grow the music industry and to reach it to the levels where it should be

What happened after I could not get my hands on the EP was a story I have been dying to share, i phoned around, heck even tried to organise some funds to copp the album yet I still could not get it via iTunes . Subsequently I nudged a mate of mine that I worked with x convinced him to purchase the EP for research purposes. Now obviously I was greeted with a “Seriously is that the best excuse you going to come up with you blonde mowhaked freak” . These were his exact words. I crawled to my desk with the shame of knowing i wont be able to access the music, I was really sad cause this project really sounds and stands for something that will only hit us a few years later.

What did I do next? The time now was about 7 at night and in Cape Town, South Africa to all my mates who live overseas, this place gets very dark very quickly. Now what i normally do when i go home is a thing of genius. I wait for the streets to get dark, for the streets to be so flouresent that I unleash the sound of music coming from my crap Blackberry phone. Fyi the albums in my phone are also a thing of beauty, I have been listening to alot of jazz, tribal music cause when the streets get dark its the best music to listen to. Okay im talking so much crap i actually listen to anything thats new as i dig being at the pulse of where sound is headed.

So its dark, the streets are waiting yet still the EP aint in my hands. So i pack my bags and before Im about to leave my mate comes to me and says “I have a present for you” , I start thinking “oh wow the very dude who coined me a blonde mowhawk freak has a pressie? this should be fun. Now you may think he gave me the EP and i was stoked that a sale was made on the first day. YAY 🙂 But the lesson was the type of purchase my mate did which started opening my eyes to a thought x final lesson that we should all take note of.

To be a slut you need to exhibit the following traits

You dig knowing the latest music 

You need to be greedy at times, greedy in that you need to be in your own world the only soul engulfed in a sound that you make so much noise about it , peeps start thinking you talking shit. 

Lastly you need to be a fan of the music which leads me to the last stanza of this piece which im writing on my couch, have not moved since I got home.

Being a fan of the music you are not ashamed to put your ass off in promoting other peoples music. What do i mean? The mate i was talking about prolly thought. “Poor blackberry user or poor oke he really wants this music” These are all true and im not ashamed to say my phone let me down, i could not access the music. The positive light in this story is that the purchase of HOLY OXYGEN now gurantees that another fan is created, another person now joins a lineage of music that he never knew existed.

Lately I have been going on via my social plattforms on music distribution. Heck I even contacted @Spinlet decscribed as the iTunes of Africa to give me their subscriber numbers. Still waiting btw. But now its becoming more clear its not about the channels, the phones, the time you drop an album, its really about the demand you creating. If you create a demand for any product you people will go out of their way to get what you are selling x what you are about.

My mate taught me a valuable lesson. Its not about what you have its about what you want to have.

Its August 13 in Cape Town South Africa and I got the EP not cause of the short comings of tech but the willingness to be a fan and rep for what i trully believe in and wanted to hear.





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If I can remember clearly it was Easter Weekend x PH hit me up wanting to cover a special project he was embarking on. To relax we went shopping cause according to PH “A dj has to always look good” . In this video PH addresses style x what he deems to be the perfect style choice for DJ’s… Had mad fun that weekend x shouts to the homie PH 🙂  #TheUnconventional #PumaLife #PARTYWITHPH