Lot of what I do is learning about people, different people and what makes people tick. Heck its the reason I fell in love with doing what I do. The more you spend time learning is the more you start answering a few questions about the society that we live in. News media always jumps on stories that happen when its “buzz time” moreover its the news that in some way will lead to profits. X number of people will watch meaning x number of eyeballs. True and in not disputing this fact but have you ever stepped back and wondered what about the very people that are so glued to who they are that they hold nothing back? The type of people that are ruthless in sharing their opinions and what their lives purpose are.

Im talking about individuals who are #TheUnconventional. Thats what is core at Skinnygenes.TV, #TheUnconventional are those very beings that refuse to be boxed in. Wait stop, the “boxed” in word or how its said is getting abit boring x to cliched. Id rather call the guys you going to see in the video thats coming in a few hours as #TheUnconventional. Its guys I have learned from alot, we are not the same , our attitudes are different, our motives are different. But the one thing that brings us all together is expression… WRONG !! Another cliched word thats thrown around so much that I even start asking myself yes Expression so its only all about what they project? Have you ever taken the time to look at the inner emotion of expression. You only express whats inside of you based on what you are feeling and where you come from. I dont have a word to replace expression, forgive me these things take time. However i can say that expression needs to be adressed. Its the last frontier, when you talk, move you are producing actions coming from a thought which is made real by what you are feeling. Confused? Step back and read what i said again. I am of the opinion that #TheUnconventional express what they have been longing to express.


A word thrown around when you want something or maybe when you want to show you are in tune with something. The group Im about to introduce you to loves who they are and what they stand for. I once was told that to be a part of their click means you are a part of cult( remember this word), cult not in the sacrificing x , y z so you can a, b, c nope. Cult in that you are part of a generation that is living and doing them the best way that they can

Im stoked to introduce the next video. Its taken a long time for me to understand what holding a camera does to people. Some people open up, some people peacock and some just become themesleves. These guys are themselves and i respect that so much

Theres no formula to what I do, theres no boundaries, this is what makes being #TheUnconventional so amazing cause YOU LEARN ABOUT PEOPLE x YOU LEARN ABOUT YOURSELF THE SAME DAMN TIME……






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