Today marks a special time for the blog. Have not dropped a video in a minute and keen to share some of the stuff I been up to. So after this post expect some heat from my time in Cape Town, South Africa

Some of the vids are the time I spend in the city, chilling with peeps and getting invited to capture some crazy footage x crazy moments. Lately I been called out on not rolling out some of the videos. I honestly apologize for this .. I OWE YOU 😦

Much love to yall who visit this blog even though I have not got alot of my own footage but its coming.

There are 2 months left to 2014.. What a ride its been. Lets finish it strong.

Its a marathon not a sprint





Had to rock this t to celebrate the 20th birthday celebration of the Puma Disc Sneaker

The DISC SYSTEM sports shoe was launched in 1991

Did some background research on the shoe and this is what I found out

  • The initial marketing used the slogans “Turn it on” and “Win. Lose. Never tie.”
  • PUMA used the Trinomic sole cushioning system in the Discs that was first introduced in 1989 in their first move away from a foam sole
  • PUMA released their futuristic disc system in response to Reebok’s Pump system sneaker. Someone at the German sneaker manufacturer said “hey, lets ditch the laces!”

S/O to the guy who said “Ditch The Laces” x its happy anniversary to Disc