Lets be honest for a moment. You sitting there listening to a particular song. A song you have no idea how it got into your taste buds. What I will attempt to do is give a shot at whats making you feel this way, secondly im going to mention a few points. Disclaimer- im no authority on this sort of stuff I just watch and learn.

Before I continue hello everyone, hope you doing well , its spring time in Jozi everybody is loving it, but why would they not, we been cold ekse. No jokes but on the real spring has come and everybody is having a good time, well they should. Anyway before i get derailed again heres what I wanted to talk about , its been bothering me for a while now

2014 will go down as the year sound changed or better yet the year that we got to taste other sounds. One thing I learned growing up was listening to music over and over , over , over again until you start dissecting the song, its a stupid thing to do but it works for me.  My dad would buy TDK cassetes for me and make me listen to all sorts of stuff, like at the crib now my room is still packed with so many tapes that I have not even listened to . My record is playing the same song for one day, constantly, this is how i listen to music. Upon doing this i learned to see the textures that artists give out. Little did I know that this technique would make me pen an article about the obsessive passion I have for sound, not music BECAUSE THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE.

Sound vs Music.. ?

The thing about sound is that it starts painting a picture of something. I have no idea what they call this but music that excites the senses is powerful. These are thing things that very few artists get right, i can go on a limb that more than ever before people are shaking their tail feathers via dance, dance has become such a huge thing in 2014. I know its always been there but now it seems like theres a package thats erupting on dance floors. As a curious fella I watch these things, dance, sound alles , its what keeps me relevant and grounded, i make up my own assumptions and my own thoughts on whats happening. Why am i this way?

Most of my watching has been done in different parts of South Africa. I recently caught up with a mate of mine Coffee (don’t worry you will be introduced to him soon x very soon) we were discussing the changing landscape of SA music. The thing with Coffee is that he always has valid points based on what he does , so hes always around music. Moreover he is skilled to call out bullshit when its bullshit. But we were not discussing bullshit we were discussing sound. I added my two cents that there will be no genres in years to come. That there will be no categories anymore. Coffee agreed with me and we carried on talking via WhatsApp till the early hours of the morning.

Category changes 

I often wonder who at MTN Music gets to make the decisions when it comes to nominations and getting artists the love that they so rightly deserve. Like i can make a bet with you that the Maskhandi category will be won by a non-traditional Maskhakandi artist or artists.  This is a weird paragraph I know I have been dying to share this thought with you so there you go. This was the argument I murked Coffee with, now he knew to fall back cause I had stats to back up my argument. All im saying is that there is a difference between music and sound. Thats a conversation for another day though. Another thing is that when the start of a sound trend happens, immerse yourself in the textures, get off Twitter, go read the behind the scenes process of what it takes to make the sound. Reading is such a rare skill in 2014, so much of whats happening in the world is visual. I reckon the readers will be the ones that inherit the earth. Thats a free idea for you use it don’t use it but would you rather be a follower or a thought leader. Your choice..

Social x its role in music

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, We Chat, MXIT, Snapchat, BBM, Whatsapp (oh these are in no order , if we had to go on value the story would change so hard , lol).. Well these companies are the reason music has changed. This is a story for another day though.

I chose to give iTunes its own paragraph this is the mothership, where it all started, Steve Jobs RIP gave us music the way it is now. All of the  above social platforms you see only spread music, none of them is the source where music has evolved into a systemic flow where everything connects. This is another topic as well.. Spread of Music vs Distribution of music, whats better.  Great topic which i still need to think about


Next time you listen to a song, kick back, take it easy, relax, don’t close your eyes that would be just weird .Just listen. Theres alot of listening that needs to be done in the world, people comment on things or plan things without listening, listen and uzobona ekse or to be blunt LISTEN WITH YOUR HEART AND NOT WITH YOUR EYES

Simply put theres a change in sound and you better listen before you become irrelevant




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