SkinnyGenes.TV is a content curation brand that explores the world of verge culture to understand what keeps its inhabitants moving and ticking. I shoot x edit x produce x direct videos across different spectrums from music interviews x street wear brand profiles x event videography x brand launches x concert videography x BTS videography

SkinnyGenes.TV the name comes from the laughter me and my crew used to get when we rocked SkinnyJeans back in the days when they were thought to be weird and unconventional. I replaced the “Jeans” with “Genes” as a way to show how me and my crew stuck to our guts and followed what comes naturally to us in all that I do to rep Verge Culture.

The brands core belief is that only #TheUnconventional will be the ones who curate, create, share and produce stories that represent the mindsets of people who never see straight lines in the world of storytelling.

All the content published on this page is the property of SkinnyGenes.TV


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