I remember paying alot of money for this logo, okay let me not front it was Two Thousand Rand. At the time all I had was this logo and remember briefing my art director at the time on what I wanted it to represent.

The logo takes the shape x form of the ying x yang. The worlds that I live in are always crossing whether it be from the business side or the fun side of things what I have learned to discover is that these are the things that are core to the DNA of the brand

The font. Simple really I wanted a distinct font that jumps right at you

The shapes. Nothing I like more than viewing circles. Heck circles are shaped in a way that they represent a full circle x way of being. The two circles overlap in this regard to represent the ying x yang that I spoke about

Truth about logos. Logos are the most underestimated assets that a brand needs to have in communicating what you are about without asking people to do much. The logo in this instance is proof to the commitment I made when I asked my dad to purchase a video camera for me instead of an IPhone. It was this one decision that started making me understand the value of creating memories

Staring at my tat everyday is a reminder on how this art of storytelling has made me a better person and moreover made me learn about the art of choosing something x sticking to it



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