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Its 10:08 PM in South Africa, Cape Town. Im going through the videos i have shot in 2013 x besides reflecting and thinking how did I manage to accumultae so many videos , I am starting to notice a few trends in what I have been shooting

In 2013 I covered alot of ground, so much so that Im still amazed at what the things people say on camera. Like its totally legit x the individuals I meet are not afraid to say whats on their minds in the brands they have built

Below are 3 key trends that I have been noticing

1. Identity lies at the core of urban culture brands: This is a no brainer, the names , the styles, the tone of the brands all reinforce one thing. That is African youth are proud of their heritage x youth.

2. Its now or never: The time of creating is right about now. I have been amazed to see how  the year of 2014 is different from 2013. Its like theres this new found energy thats in the streets.

3.Ownership: its either you are an owner of a consumer. Im lucky enough to be straddling between these two lines. The sense of owning whatever they are producing or creating lies at the heart of urban culture in South Africa

Think about these trends next time someone says this culture is not moving forward. Its one where its filled with energy x passion for celebrating whats African x Urban

2013 may have come and gone but I hope these videos shed light into what I have been seeing

#TheUnconventional x #PumaLife


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