@CaseyVeggies Interview in Cape Town South Africa 2014

Being a fan of an artist you start dreaming the day you finally meet them. Moreover you wonder what you going to act like the day you meet them. In this video i got to live this dream. I really lived it.

On the 24th October 2014 in Cape Town South Africa I had the pleasure of interviewing Casey Veggies during Boaston Society Levels Brand Weekend 2014 proudly brought by Puma South Africa with Peas and Carrots

In the vid we chop it up on the 2014 album and what we can expect x his time in South Africa with the rest of the homies Anwar Carrots x Dom Beets on what they thought about the urban culture scene in South Africa

Enjoy the vid x its dope that Cape Town is on the map x for the world to understand urban culture brands and what we are about. Hey we even have that 3AM track in Cape Town song now.

Im a huge fan and i cant help it… DREAMS COME TRUE

#GodIsGood #PumaLife


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