The day weekend I met @DomBeets DJ for @Caseyveggies, @Pncintl in Cape Town South Africa


The weekend of the 25th October 2014 was mad interesting for me. I got to meet @DomBeets who is @CaseyVeggies  personal Dj x has dj for another artists such as Rockie Fresh x Pac Div and many more. This all happened at @boastonsociety  levels brand weekend 2014 with @PUMASouthAfrica  backing the event all the way

What was more interesting about the meeting is how DomBeets described the urban culture in Cape Town South Africa as one that is all about how guys here locally are pushing their movement x that there is an actual dope streets culture in South Africa

We also spoke alot about the music side of things pertaining to the 2014 Cassey Veggies album x their take on how a  @PNCINTL brand is about cultivating x growing.

As a content curator on urban culture in South Africa it was a blessing speaking to  @DomBeets x its a moment that i will never forget.

Seeing how South African urban culture brands now can be showcased on a global scale is amazing to see cause we have interesting stories to tell as Young South Africans and the ambition that we have in showcasing our stories is something that im learning in all the content i have been curating since 2008




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