Shooting eNdwedwe

It’s like 9:30 and just making my way home from eNdwedwe an hour from Durban South Africa. It’s so dark on the road. It’s misty x there are no lights just roads and roads.

In any case there have been amazing lessons on this day. It’s the last week of 2014. After the endless videos for 2014 today’s video of a special place in my heart. Can’t reveal what we been shooting but it’s going to be something interesting and very different from what I shot before.




VIDEO: #TheUnconventional presents Sipho The gift

Sipho The Gift in Nguni translated in Nguni language means “The Gift”. This video is a profile on Sipho the rapper x the producer who has done work with Wells from Immaculate Taste x King Mez who is touted to be on 2015 XXL Freshmen List

The video is about a story of an artist whose all about sound, the craft, the struggles & the way in which his sound is global in its appeal

#TheUnconventional is all about individuals who go on a different path to get to where they are going. Sipho’s path is interesting if you research him x the work that he has done & tracks he has produced

Enjoy the video


Dom Beets talks doing first show with Wu-Tang x Alchemist influence x Mac Miller Tour

In part 3 sit down interview with Dom Beets in Cape Town South Africa, he chops it up with me on the come up with Casey Veggies x doing their first show with Wu-Tang x how as a Dj he has progressed and how everything moved so quickly

This video series was part of Casey Veggies in South Africa with Peas & Carrots International as part of Boaston Society Levels Brand Weekend by Puma South Africa

Twitter: @Skinnygenes_TV