#Streetwhisperer 2015 documentary trailer

At the end of 2014 I did something rare. I ventured to uncover the truth about the people that do what they do. Its been my dream to tell stories of individuals in urban culture in South Africa.

I have been fortunate enough to know & work with Kyeezi (GoodHopeFM DJ) x Mpumelelo Mancu ( Basment Pixels Creative director).

In this doccie I collaborate with these two amazing guys on telling the story of Kyeezi. This is a story I have been very close to, I have seen the pain, the hurt, the small victories & its only fitting that we show you what this doccie is all about.

Im a huge fan of Mpumi’s work, coming from joburg x having met him in Cape Town it was only fitting that he be a part of this. Some of the styling x treatment which you will see in 2015 is word to the guys vision as a visual based artist

Kyeezi? What can I say. Hes my best freind in the whole world, he is an example of what it means to follow your heart, to not listen to the noise x go on about your business. When he saw this he asked me if we were ready. I said “We going to die one day x this is us, this is your story and i want to tell it”

This is #Streetwhisperer a story of an individual who went to far lengths to do what he does, all before the hype, the lights.



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