2014 Brand Thinking: Sound of branding

Sound of branding. This is a topic I always wanted to talk about not only cause its simple to understand but because its the one thing that can separate who YOU ARE and what you do. Good day to you, im still peeping outside my window and saw some snowy white things in Woodstock – Cape Town, South Africa . They call that hail but im sure we want to think that its SNOW, well its hail homie 🙂

Lets cut to the chase 🙂

Take a moment and think of how many brands sound like. The sound of brands has always been well thought through. Coca- Cola has been doing this for years. Intel disrupted the market when they wanted to differentiate themselves. My best example of this though is when McDonalds tapped Justin Timberlake to do that “Im Lovin It” jingle. All of these are great examples of what clever thinking can be done in making people remember who you are and what you stand for.

The Problem 

South Africa is a country built and born on oral culture and we not tapping into this truth. Africa is built on sound. Heck how many African sports tourneys have you seen with a man beating a drum? Its up to each and everyone of us to cultivate the sound of Africa and show it to the world. Our story is that rich but when you put a sound to it WE HAVE THE POWER TO STAND OUT.

South Africa 2010 x Brazil 2014

Every four years the world comes to stand still as the worlds soccer stars get together to see who will stand on top.

Lets go back to 2010. Everyone from your grandmother, uncle, neighbour had a Vuvuzela or had blown a Vuvuzela. That was our instrument to the world, that was our sound as brand Africa. South Africans far and wide blew into a plastic like instrument to voice out that the World Cup is in African soil. So what? The so what is that if you stick to what you have and who you are your story as a brand becomes one that is very easy to sell. Our Vuvuzela story was fitting because mine workers had always used horn like instruments to signal the end of a hectic days work. This is the story that tourists came to understand when asking the meaning of what is this Vuvusela thing. Fast forward to 2014 & its brand Brazil’s time to shine:)

Brand Brazil 2014 excites me cause this is the 1 country to have ever host world cups thats based on rythmn and dance. Its the samba, the carnivals its BRAZIL and for one I cant wait to see how Brand Brazil shows the world what it stands for. Moreover I cant wait to see how dance brings this country together as how the Vuvuzela did to bring South Africans from different races together.

Final Thought

Listen & pay attention to what you are sounding like.


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