ARTICLE : 2014 the year of control for urban culture in South Africa

What a year its been, what a year , oh what a year. For me 2014 will go down as the year that urban culture individuals started owning x controlling everything they do. Without sounding to preachy this piece is more of a reflection on what I saw in these streets, its a view based on the videos i shot, the people I met, the highs x the lows Good day, its the 17th of December, Im sitting at my home in Cape Town, South Africa reflecting on the year that was.

First & foremost if you reading this you should know one thing. Individuals involved in urban culture in South Africa really owned & took control of what their movements are about. It was hard to pick one trend that stands out. Finding a trend that wraps up the year should be about what is moving these individuals forward. I went to my archives dug deep, watched every video I shot and finally came to the realization that its all about control.

WHY CONTROL FOR URBAN CULTURE YOUTH IN SOUTH AFRICA? Being told you can’t do something often leaves some people feeling “meh” let me fall back & listen to what the og’s in the game are saying. You fresh out of luck if you think urban culture kids in South Africa listened to this.

What control means? They never settled. They never stopped. They created with the sole purpose of standing for something & creating a story that will be told one day for the world to see.

They shifted culture– this is the biggest insight on what happened in South Africa. A normal person would see buckethats, words like “umswenko” as being the trends. Nope these were just the outcome of a bigger deep underlying truth that erupted from these kids. A trend only becomes relevant or big when money is thrown to it. Thats a fact and if you dont agree track back & see which trends made it to the mainstream media, which trends made their way to radio, tv, interviews. Shifting culture is an amazing trend which I have been hearing alot of on social media & its only fitting that we look at what made its way to mainstream media & the reasons these trends made their way. 

They crafted- Creating is not the same as crafting, creating means you do something x you send it out to the world to be judged, crafting means you take time to make sure your creation is perfect. Prolly the biggest lesson for me, so many people featured in my videos kept talking about the time they took to crafting their brand. Its no longer about just sending stuff out for urban culture youth in South Africa but its about taking that time to craft. Big lesson, look around x you will see those who crafted the best.

They owned- social media became the go to channel to spread your seed. They did this at such a frenetic pace. Wether its getting a # to trend social media allowed urban culture youth in South Africa to own these plattforms & dictate what the plattform should do for their movements. Its no longer about having a website, its how fast you can get your message to the world. This was interesting to see cause they went in hard on this. Its hard to wrap up a year based on what you could’ve, should’ve done.

The way I look at it is if you controlled you won, if you crafted you won, if you owned you won & more importantly if you shifted culture you got noticed by the mainstream media 2014 = the year of control for urban culture in South Africa



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