2014 Brand Thinking: The power of a personal brand

Personal Branding. What is this? What does it mean? And why should you take it seriously?

6/7 years of running Skinnygenes.TV I started paying attention to personal branding when I worked on numerous brand campaigns when i was a Jozi citizen. During this time I got to understand the power of personal branding as brand managers used to say to me  “You are a personal brand” x “We are looking for personal brand champions to elevate the message we are advertising on all media platforms” and you have to take yourself seriously as a brand.

7 years later this principle has meaning to me now. You see a personal brand is not thought of but created. Its created with a sole intention of creating meaning and presence in all that you do and show to the world. All of the things that you show to the world establish your presence as a personal brand. What do you want to be known for?

Here are 5 tools that you can use in creating yourself as a personal brand. Use them dont use them but i bet you 5 bucks that you doing it without even knowing.


Simple really. Choose something that sets you apart from the noise and clutter. Best way to describe this is to forge an identity that relates well with your personality. IE- be who you are and don’t force shit. An identity is best created when you take time to see what type of individual you want to be seen as in whatever you are hustle you are pushing.


Think language, output and how your brand will sound.  Your tone creates meaning and can differentiate you in a slew of other brands making a noise in whatever industry you trying to get into. Wrong tone = Wrong Message


Simply put. Man was made to live, have babies and die. What is your purpose as a personal brand? What are you aiming to leave behind?. Most of the worlds most recognized brands start by having a clear and defined purpose. Whats yours?


This is what I love talking about.  Strategy is defining where your brand will be in years to come. Moreover you then have to start plotting activities that will allow you to answer all of the above points I have mentioned. It all begins and ends with strategy.

Final Thoughts

I urge you to explore these 5 tools as global urban influencers are utilizing these to appeal to their hard core fans. Note I said fans not consumers. A consumer is not loyal, a fan is loyal cause they have bought into your hype and through thick and thin they will always be receptive to whatever message you give them.

Next time you out doing whatever you do , look around and see how many individuals carry themselves as personal brands. You may be very surprised homie 🙂

TX x #TheUnconventional x Skinny


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