Let me start by saying happy 2015, what a time to start building, reflecting and plotting on what promises to be a great year for endless possibilities. I am writing this post at King Shaka Airport so you know im on that beach vibe. I have been scouring through social media and everybody seems to be so positive about this year. The motto is “Lets Make This Money” and aint nothing wrong with that.

Hi BTW this is the first post for 2015. I have been thinking of the best way to launch the first piece of content far as 2015 is concerned x what better way than to write and make empty promises, tell you how im going to do this do that blah blah blah. NO!!!!! for me its all about continuing where we left off in 2014. Its about making more steps far as curating content, popping up in more unconventional spaces. Simply put the brand has not shut down since 2014 , thats the mistake most people make.

A calendar month should not dictate the change you suppose to be, you are supposed to be that change from the day you chose to start a brand. Remember a brand is about keeping a promise whenever people come across your brand, heck you have to work tirelessly to live up to that expectation. PHEW enough of brand stuff you prolly still slowly getting into the swing of things

Let me finish by saying that 2015 will be the year of content. Its not about resolutions its about how you live up to your brand promise



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