GO:OD AM is a second chance in hip hop for @MacMiller

   I have always been a Mac Miller fan. Ever since the days of KIDS I always paid attention to Mac”s work. Mac though sort of drifted from my playlist, not sure why this happened. I think it’s cause he got to famous and became to Hollywood and really became the indie kid who every cool commercial rapper wanted to fuck with. 

Fast forward to 2015 I just finished listening to a mac miller podcast on the story behind the album he just released. I knew it was going to be a story ladened with stories of how overcame his drug addiction and how Hollywood was too much for him. I also enjoyed listening stories of how he had this crib where rappers would come chill and record for days. Like it was ain’t no thang that Ab Soul would be walking into the bathroom next to chuck Inglish x Thebe and they would all converge for the love of music. 

Back to the album that Mac just dropped. I think it’s very dope I think it’s a story. If I had to pick a joint that I’m really riding with its that God Speed joint. Mac here is pouring his heart out to his fans. He says

 “But I’m stressed and I can’t relapse”/ White lines be numbing them dark times and the pills that I’m popping “/ “I’m obsessed with going down as the great one but they going to do their best to replace ya” /”you make mistakes never make ya”/ 

“Every devil ain’t got horns and every angel ain’t got capes”

This track made me become a fan of Mac Miller all over again. It’s just a sad story . You know some of us will never be able to handle fame and as a result we start doing things without thinking and we lose the gift that God has given us.

The lesson in all off this is that we all have a second chance and when that second chance comes you come out stronger . For Mac miller , this means we get to hear him clams his rightful place in hip hop. 



Plotting These Articles 

It’s crazy how at ease my mind is when writing in the air. Managed to pen down some writtens that still need to be edited before they go out to the universe.. It never stops !!