Why I Stopped Shooting As Skinny


Its 10:30 PM. I am sitting here asking myself this question. Why did I stop? Why did I stop writing on this blog which got me such amazing things, made me fast track meetings with important global brands, got me an endorsement deal when I was a nobody. The answer to this is hard to explain but because i am trying to keep you reading on hopefully at the end you will get the answer.

I first fell in love with hip hop when I first set foot at Wits University in year 200. Just like water on a ducks back I was eager to learn, party, meet some girls and do all sorts of crazy and random stuff. But when I heard that there is a campus radio show I decided to give it a shot. I gave it a shot and ended up bagging a show. I mean I knew this would happen because when I set my mind to stuff I get it. You will see what I mean when i share with you the journey later on this piece. Damn now I owe you two things. Okay moving along swiftly. At VOW FM i was the first to get a sponsored radio show. I remember emailing the ex Editor of Hype Simone telling her about all my crazy ideas. They probably gave me this deal because I was a nuisance and flooded their email address. Fast Forward to a few weeks the mag actually published my show times. Seeing my name and my show “Ordinary Everyday People” from 10pm to 1am motivated me so much that my plan became two fold. Get this New Media Degree and Get This Radio gig. I am explaining to you the foundations of what made skinny. Long before the tattoo on my arm.

At Wits on a Friday sunny day one thing happened which would forever shape who I am. I was asked to host a lunch time promotion. I mean I would be standing in front of some of the coolest guys and guys who are doing some amazing things in hiphop right now. But i backed down. I thought of the lights, the attention, trying to impress people, trying to be cool and fitting in. So I told the event person this is not me. And just like that R1000 went down the drain, lost that money. But what I won was the greatest gift that I still exercise today. The gift of being the guy no one sees in the room or pays attention to. The guy who seems to be doing cool shit but you don’t know what he really does. That day my DNA was carved in front of my very eyes. It’s as if God paused that scene and gave me my life calling and duty to be the guy you not going to think is important unless you see his work. And holy fuck the amount of work that I have out there BUT because I am who I am I can’t tell you it would be going up against my DNA.

I stopped cause I wanted to learn

I stopped because this stuff was getting to predictable

I stopped because I peaked

I stopped because I have interviewed almost everyone in hip hop

I stopped because I wanted to see the gaps

I stopped because I was mentally drained

But best believe I am making my return.


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