How SA Millennials Saved SA Hip Hop x What Can Brands Learn


Interesting title for a story right? Not really. This is an unspoken truth. I have been thinking deeply on the state of the game. I have been asking myself why does everything sound so damn fresh, why are our artists hella clean and more importantly what can brands learn from this new generation. Let me start by saying that Millennials saved SA Hip Hop. If you reading this your prolly a millennial and let me not bother you with a textbook definition. But if you not a millennial you are going to read an learn about how the new generation saved SA Hip Hop. Why am I saying this? Because the SA Hip Hop economy has never been so profitable.

It is hard to put a value on how much SA Hip Hop is worth. I wish I had those numbers. But if you look at the endorsements artists are getting, booking fees, the cost of music videos and other stuff. Sorry I am not really into numbers so I am trying to move quickly here. Anyway SA Hip Hop economy is way way up. Have you notice how  many rappers are eating from Hip Hop. Have you notice the cribs our artists are living in. All of this is because of you the fan, the millennials generation who has really made the culture shine. Here are some of the reasons I looked at Millennials.

Every country has a young generation that will go to find and define their own culture. SA Milleniilas are prollly the most dynamic generation in the world. Our parents suffered under he plight of apartheid and they fought for freedom. This freedom in my opinion is being exercised by millennials. The world is so open there are endless possibilities. Possibilities which were not there for our parents. With this tension you can see how we are open minded to try and experience new things. Here is where hip hop comes in. we have been fed so much of Western media that now more than ever before our own narrative is being celebrated and appreciated. Kids are now thinking. Damn its cool to acutually rep local, its cool to listen to local music because I can relate to what the artists are saying.

The first thing that a brand needs to know about the millennial generation in South Arica is the power of relating AND …………….


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