2016 Urban Culture Trends That Shaped Black Progression

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Black is not a color. Black is a mindset. Black is an attitude. Black cannot be limited. Black is what makes you and me the most powerful generation on the African content.

I write this piece with great joy and happiness. I am feeling this way because there has never been a time where it feels good to be black. Moreover never has there been a time where I have seen black shining and making such great strides in urban culture in South Africa.

I spend a lot of my days thinking and trying to connect the dots on things which are meta.Things which often go unnoticed but have such a massive impact. I am fortunate to be in conversations with some of the greatest brand thinkers and builders in the marketing industry in South Africa. Most of the time I am always asked this question. Skinny why is the culture growing and being celebrated the way it is ? My answer is always the same. We are refusing to see things as they are. We are willing to bleed for what we believe in and when we bleed we openly show our scars, our pain often motivate others to do and be more. Okay I don’t say this. It just sounds cool. What I do say is. Being Black is cool. It’s the best time to be black because this is the time when we get to shape and create our destiny.

The piece you are reading is all centered on the top trends that ignite black progression. I would be lying if I didn’t say that Khuli Chana’s One Source EP did not motivate me to write this piece. Well it did. I was fascinated in the way that Khuli managed to create a narrative around black progression. Moreover this is not a new narrative. Guiness did it with Made Of Black. They did it in a very unashamed way and painted a narrative of what it means to be Black. What Khuli did though is genius. He further tried to show that Africa is not a jungle but actually showed a jungle. That just gives me chills. Story for another day though.

Below are the top trends in urban culture that ignite the power in urban culture. Read them carefully. Some are obvious and some will shock you. When you finish reading this I want you to ask yourself this question. What are you doing with your power as a black person. Oh and if you recall. Black is not a color. Black is a mindset. Black is an attitude. Black cannot be limited. Black is what makes you and me the most powerful generation on the African content.

1.We Are The Media

The first trend and prolly the most important is the hold we have placed on the media. Sure we don’t own the media nor do we have 100% black owned media brands BUT these media ┬ácompanies are nothing without black culture. They are nothing without our stories. We are the media is an important trend in 2016. Have you noticed how many locally relevant stories are being told ? You can miss me with the 100% local quota. I am talking about the black narratives that has been flooding our screens. We live in time where our reality is being packaged and presented in a way that is progressive and uplifting. We don’t own the media but they are nothing without us.

2.Authentic content

Another word which gets thrown around by everyone is authenticity. To me this word stands for one thing. How pure and true is the content to the culture it comes from. I also love this as a trend because we have witnessed stories that are built on truth. There are many stories where you cant script an ending but because of the energy of being black you know the void that story is trying to fill.

3. Black Is Progressive.

Black cannot be moved. Black cannot be shaken. In 2o16 I saw some of the most progressive movements. I saw guys changing the game. I saw people living their dreams far beyond the limits they have been given. A guy like Cassper filling up Orlando , to a guy like ……..





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