SA Millennials Found Relevance In SA Hip Hop. Here Is What Your Brand Can Learn.


There has always been a debate on why would kids love something they cant relate to. I am talking about the rapper cliches that used to be thrown at brave souls who use to love rap but it was hard for them to justify this love. Fast forward to a few years later SA Millennials can now find themselves in music. Here is an example. When Cassper says “Mama I Made iT” you can relate to that because you want to tell your mom one day that you made it, you want to show your parents all the struggles that they went through and how you have overcome these troubles in our new democracy.

The point I am trying to make here is we are now more than ever before able to relate to the music our artists are putting in. Here is another example . ‘Sidlu Kotini’ , here Riky Rick is literally saying you eat cotton. Okay that may be a extreme example but Riky Rick understands how the youth love looking and feeling swagged up. So every time he says this kids react because they want to look and feel swagger up.

Another example which is my personal favorite is by Kwesta for his track titled ‘Ngud’. Ngudu is a term for a beer quart. The beer quart os very popular in townships. You can drink so much of iNgudu that you end up drinking it with friends. The beauty here comes in the fact that Kwesta wants you to embrace your hoodness. He wants you to not change who you are in order to fit in but you can be yourself and drink indue. The song has gained so much popularity that some are even calling it the track for 2017.

So what can brands learn from this ?

Lesson one

South African culture will always pay homage to things that have happened before. I am saying this because embracing your hoodness is nothing new. Secondly, looking swagged up is nothing new as well. Ever heard of the swenkas? Basically SA Youth are now embracing their culture in regards to things that have happened in the past. Unlike other cultures we are never short of looking for inspiration. You know how many townships there are in South Africa? Do you know how culture is always intact and never changes. If you live in the burbs you may be aware that there is a special way you walk and talk when you are in the hood. Culture never dies.

Lesson two

Do not reflect reality back at them. Damn this is very important point to make. Nobody and I mean nobody wants to be told how bad their circumstances are. Everybody wants to be given hope and something powerful to look forward to. SA Millennials are not able to relate to music that shows poverty. They are looking for music that fuels their ambition and gives them a positive outlook on life. From my experience i have started hearing music that is very optimistic. Music that shows a powerful narrative in regards to showing how we have arrived. If you are a brand and you reading this you should be careful what type of image you are partying. Yes we still live in poverty but you should not reflect that back to us. You should also not try cheat us because we can see right through your fake image.

Stay tuned for lesson three and four dropping tomorrow.

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