How @Superbalist Is Using GQOM In Their Latest TVC x Hitting The Right Note

I am always skeptical on analyzing brands doing stuff in the urban culture scene. I mean thats like giving away free IP. But as a fan of the culture I get geeked x excited

when I see a brands cleverly using a part of culture to bring across a message and engaging with an audience . In an authentic tone and manner. Enter Superbalist. Here is a brand that is getting it right and I pray and hope that they could capitalize on what they have started. Let me break it down for you. FOR FREE. FOR MAHALA.

The TVC above is very impactful. Sure the images are cool and people are dancing and you seeing the prices. Great. But the beauty that shines in this spot is how brave they were in using Gqom music. Besides GStar Raw they are the second South African brand that are using Gqom to appeal to a certain type of audience.  See video after the jump.

Gqom in my opinion is an authentic African sound. You can go anywhere in the world and you will not feel the impact that Gqom has on the youth here in South Africa. The Gqom wave originated in Durban and I know this being a Durbanite but I feel that Gqom will start to see the commercial shine it rightly deserves.

So to Superbalist. Keep going.You winning here. The audience will immediately pay attention to whatever you selling them but you need to do more. Because do you want to be a brand that is all talk and capitalizing on a trend. Speak to the people that are repping Gqom. There is a guy called Dj Lag. He is bubbling under and has massive appeal overseas. He is selling Gqom in South Africa.

Oh and people want to know about the track on the TVC

Update: Clearly i was trigger happy it appears that Superbalist x Dj Lag are collaborating already. Good look.



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