How @SMB_DBN #BapsBuckethat Ran Urban Culture Streets In 2014 x Created FOMO


Accessories such as the #BAPS Bucket hat which not only blew up in Durban but the entire country and lead to all the mainstream brands imitating this is based on our identification of the trend in late 2013 – SMB

I don’t know about you but back in 2013 I was losing my mind trying to locate a BAPS Bucket Hat. Those hats were so hard to find. If you also felt this way put your hand up. Okay now that your one hand is up if you have no cooking clue what I am talking about put up your other hand up. Now that your two hands are up you can put them down. Okay I am playing. BAPS is a Durban Based Street wear brand that is heralded for leading the wave in terms of Bucket Hats aka Panama or as the og.s would say iSpoti. But seeing that we have to be single minded let’s call the spoti a bucket hat. Milllenials smh. What these guys gave the culture back then needs to be celebrated and called out.

As our main claim to fame SMB took it apon ourselves to move away from the ordinary and bland fashion which was available through mainstream fashion outlets. We painstaikingly went out to design our own clothes which we would wear at large events and in our daily lives.The positive responses we received from members of the public who were intrigued by our threads lead us to mass produce the clothes which we had origionally made for ourselves, which eventually kicked off our clothing business. Since those days in 2010 we have popularised…. Street inluenced prints on tshirts

So here is the story. I have been talking to the SMB cats almost everyday trying to figure out some plans for 2017. Their brand really fascinates me. These guys call themselves street scientists and their labs are the streets.  But something dawned on me and Coffee has been teasing me about this when I told him about BAPS. The thing is I am older than these guys. I mean way old. I have a belly boop that is starting to emerge, my glasses always have smudges, I am balding, I am always wearing formal wear based on the real ting I do (story for another day) basically  I can’t keep up with all these trends that I end up going through their timelines to see what’s hot. These kids keep me updated on what cool looks and feels like. But I am actually not doing these kids justice. They have been cooler since since. So when I was thinking what makes them cool the image of the iconic BAPS hat dawned on me.

I remember the first time I saw it. It was loose, bright, out there, very confident, very bold, very very bright. I saw flowers, I saw Marilon Monroe, I saw boobs , I saw tits okay I didn’t see tits I just saw Marilon Monroe which is kinda the same thing. Okay I am getting distracted let me continue. The first time seemed like the first time. The BAPS bucket had a life of its own, it was undefined. When all these thoughts kept rushing through my head when I was seeing images on social media I literally had a flash forward and thought these kids are about to takeover the streets literarily. Seeing that I was seeing the BAPS hat at an internet Café and my time was up I had to leave and BAPS would leave my mind for a short while. Then what happened next showed me the power of this hat. Let me break it down for you.

1.Influencer Co-sign 


I saw influencers starting to dawn this hat. The influencers were Nomuzi, Maps, Big Nuz, Kid X and many more. Now note that I had seen the hats on social now I was seeing them on TV. Those are two powerful touch points so awareness levels were at an all time high. BAPS had done something which they had either planned or not planned. They managed to create FOMO and demand for their product on serious levels. The fact that people were asking where people could get the hat and you didn’t know was the magic of this hat. But it would be wack to call it a magic hat, that’s so not street.

2.Gender Neutral 


Besides supply and demand is something you hear hear from any upcoming street wear brand these kids also managed to do something else. They made their brand gender neutral. Before I continue do you know how cute it is to wear the same brand as your betty but with different colours. That shit is mad cute. That’s what these kids managed to do. They manged to rewrite the rules of street wear. Women are often an unserviced in regards to street wear but these street scientists managed to do this. The crazy part about all this is that none of them went to school for this stuff. It’s all just playing around with ideas. I have heard Wandile, Khanda and PDogg say this to me sao many times that it is starting to make sense.

3.Durban Supports Durban 


The other reason this hat did the most was based on the place it came from. Durban people really look out for one another. I mean have you seen a Durban line up at a gig or an event. The headline act is always a Durban artist. To bring it back to this article the BAPS Bucket really got supported by people in Durban.


4.Something New 


The BAPS bucket was ridiculously accurate when it dropped. The culture had nothing to wrap their heads around and the T-Shirt game was too saturated. The BAPS bucket remains significant and iconic.  – Legend Man Cool 



The biggest lesson that BAPS did which is the most important thing to take out of this article is how these guys created FOMO. Everyone and I mean everyone wanted this hat. These guys were the first in my opinion to do marketing that made the culture want to go out and get the hat.

In closing the biggest question on everyones mind is whether or not the BAPS Bucket Hat will make a comeback. Who knows

Okay I lie  its dropping in December. You heard it here first.





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