@YoungstaCPT Shines At @MotherCityLive x Proves Why He Is The Cape’s Good Hope #MCL2016

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I was out at Mother City live this past weekend. It is always dope being in the city where I made a name for all the videos I have shot in the past 6 years. Anyway. I arrived there at about 4ish and was really looking forward to shoot some videos. Until i realized that I forgot my batteries

and if you know me I pack about 5 batteries because there is usually too much to shoot. So what did I do ? I decided to just watch the shows, be a part of the crowd  and see how the crowd engages with artists. Here is what I saw ….

Cape Town people really love hip hop music but they need a face for SA Hip Hop. I know that this is a thorny issue but lets be honest. Who in Cape Town flies the flag for Cape Town Hip Hop at a commercial level huh? I can name a couple of people but I would rather be objective. Okay fuck it its Youngsta. It is Youngsta bro. I stayed all night in the wind at Mother City Live to wait for Youngsta’s performance. Let me tell you what went through my mind. I asked myself will the crowd know dudes lyrics? How will the crowd react when he jumps on stage ? Will he perform songs from his latest mixtape ‘The Cape And Good Dope”

So the time is about 10:30 ( way ahead of my curfew). I decided to go backstage because i wanted to have a dope perspective. I also wanted to see if Youngin has any pre peformance rituals. Well he actually does. I was chilling with Kyeezi and Youngsta’s manager steady backstage. We broke bread and I was telling steady how intrigued I am about Youngsta and the sound he is going after. Okay fast forward 15 minutes later and Youngin was a no show. I was thinking to myself ‘this dude is so smart, we literally going to see him when he is about to jump on stage. Then Kyeezi had to go on stage and announce Youngsta. Youngsta eventually came accompanied by his long time Dj DJ Muffin Man who has since grown a few inches since I last saw him. Okay thats bullshit he was still the same. Okay lets keep it moving. Youngtsa made it on stage and greeted the crowd. When  he did this the crowd erupted. Finally the Cape Town faithful were ready to see their saviour.

Youngsta did his latest tracks, he did the freestyle thing. Look this is what I was expecting to see anyway. But what I was not expecting to see is the way in which the crowd engages with him. Youngsta is to Cape Town like what Cassper is to Maftown. Yeah thats a bold statement but he is the Cape’s Good Hope. He was also smart in his interludes when he was performing. He talked about the snub he got at SA Hip Hop Awards, he spoke about how much he stays rapping Cape Town. And moreover he asked the crowd what they want to hear and he gave it to them.

The most important aspect of the whole show for me was the way the crowd also finished his lyrics for him. They sang word for word, dabbed and threw their hands in the air like they did not care. I enjoyed seeing this because it is rare to see such love in Cape Town. The crowds are normally really reserved but it’s Youngsta and they love Youngtsa.

To finish this piece I am going to chop up something so deep that you need to think about and call me out if you not feeling it. Cape Town colored people are never catered for in the media. There are no hip hop commercial tv shows that celebrate the culture of being a colored person. A guy like Youngsta is very vocal about this. I feel that the moves he is making in the 021 are to shatter these stereotypes. I think he is doing this. There is nothing more dope than seeing an artist remain authentic to who he is and show the love from where he comes from. Sure Cape Town artists  will never fill up anythings ( yet) but you can’t ignore the love that shines in the mother city. To Youngsta. We did not talk because I had to rush off but I wanted to say Salutas to sticking to your plan. I also want to give another shout out to Tash from Mother City Live. Keep going bro. Your property is doing wonders for the game in the 021.

In closing. It would have been easy to do a video interview but these days words bring the message to home for me. Video is an easy way out but words bring feeling and emotions. Just like what Youngsta is doing in the mother city. That’s why he is Is The Cape’s Good Hope.


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