SA Hip Hop Producers Need To Brand Themselves & Move Like Rappers

SkinnygenesTV-FeatureImage.jpgLast week AKA had a go at Tweezy because Tweezy wanted recognition for the awards AKA was showing off on the Twitter streets. This piece is not about the beef nor is about the tweets that were sent back and forth by the two artists.

Nah fam. These days I write things which most people don’t take note of. Or let me just say it’s hard to create a story out of thin air. Not me though. I live for this shit. I live for this shit because the moment you throw in brands and music in the same paragraph I immediately  start to salivate. So what lead me to salivate and write this piece. One, I think it’s become very lazy to grab tweets and call that a story. But the AKA x Tweezy jabathon did inspire me but I wont be including any of those tweets. Two- Producer must rise. Amanda. Yeah this is a good cause and all but I have not seen any awareness in recent months ever since Tweezy shared that selfie. Three- Producers never get a look from online media, media and even you. Four- I love building brands and this may help a producer to brand themselves.

There are a couple of producers who have managed to go against the grain and break the walls and stigma of being just called producers. These guys literally did not want to be the stereotype. I am talking about guys like Metro Boomin who moves like an artist. I am talking about Mike Will Made It who you can easily pass off as being a rapper. Thank god for Rae Sremmurd. They manage to make and keep Mike so young that he looks like he has 3o years left in the game. But let me speak about Metro. Now here is a guy who has got it right in all fronts. He managed to be in my opinion the most sought after producer. When guys like Drake were talking about their mixtape or album narratives. You can call that project what you want. They brought up Metro Boomin’s name in every singe interview. They spoke about how the project would not happen if it were not for Metro. Point 2. Metro was instrumental in the careers of established rappers who needed a new sound. Now I know this sounds like a lot of meat licking and you prolly want to close this page because you saying “Where does the SA context fit in Skinny? Let me tell you something the SA context has still got a long way to go but there is a guy who could have had it all if he was able to play the game and make his services.

Tweezy in my opinion had the same moves as Metro. He was moving in the same lane. But Metro was smart in making himself indispensable but Tweezy wanted to be a rapper first and producer second. I mean the moment you leave the boards and go on the mic you thinking and moving like an artist. But was this decision made by the biggest producer in 2015 the right one? Nope it was a wrong move. Something tells me that when you good and you in your lane some people reach out and want to use your lane to better their lane. But when you switch lanes and all of a sudden are on the fast lane the guys on the fast lane wont give you the time of day to overtake. What I am trying to say here is Tweezy moves like an artists and for other artists it may be competition. This is just my opinion though ( notice how I am trying to save my black ass here. LOL) but in all honesty if you look carefully this may be the reason he is having the drama he is having with AKA.

So besides Tweezy what reasons can I give producers to brand themselves in the SA Hip Hop Game

1.Have a niche. Be different: You have to stand out in the sea of sameness. Think of a way you can get your name out there being a producer who only does one thing. Produce

2.  Don’t be quick to jump on the mic- guys like PH Raw move like rappers because they have spent so much time with rappers in studios. This is expected. But do you think rappers are expecting PH to take them out? That’s not the point. The point is to build your name in what you do and let your brand do the talking.

3.Be consistent and have a signature: Guys like Metro Boomin don’t need to say much these days because you trust what he says. Let me leave it there. Catch it if you catch it.

4. Be part of the PR story – when rappers are talking about their releases you should be part of the narrative. From day one. This is how Kanye managed to break the producer mold. He always made sure he was part of the back story.

Stay tuned for parts 5 -20 which I will drop tomorrow


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