Avukile Mabombo Drops 30 Facts On Celeb Endorsement x Sponsorship For SA Urban Culture


Photo By                            Boys and girls. Ladies and gentleman. Manene and Manenekazi.  I had to think carefully  on whether or not I should post this article.

There are few reasons really.  Am I giving the game away? Am I trying to be cool and popular by aligning with a guy who has done dope shit? Is this what SkinnyGenes_TV has come to, a blog that posts thought provoking content? The answers to all these questions are FUCK IT I AM GOING TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU. Go online and you would not have found Avukile’s 30 Facts On Celebrity Endorsement x Sponsorship. You would not have found these gems/insights. Why because this stuff is often uncool in the minds of you dabbers and twerkers.

So here is the deal. Avukile is brand builder, marketer who has worked on some pretty amazing brands. I remember the time he came to FoxP2 and was schooling us on the world of premium brands. That is a story for another day though. This guy is often not given enough shine for what he has done for the culture. So this article is me appreciating dude and saying ‘We See You” x “We Appreciate You”.

Now on to the juicy stuff. A few days ago Avukile went on a hectic rant on Twitter streets. I reckon he was reflecting on the success of Griffin Sessions but like every brand thinker he wanted to leave us with a few words. And boy did he drop some gems. What I loved about his rant was his unapologetic approach to calling out brands. Yeah he called them out. You would think that a brand guy like him would play safe. Nope. He called out brands and the culture. He dropped dimes on sponsorship, celebrities and why agencies need to better understand the consumer. What I loved about the 30 Facts is the insider view he gave us. I am also privy to a lot of boardroom talk on the culture. Most times. Actually at all times I try and steer the thinking in the right direction so the culture gets the respect that it rightly deserves. A guy like Avukile though is brave enough to let his words live on social media. This is something I need to start practicing as well. But this blog is an attempt at giving you all the insights and making my voice heard.

Peep the tweets after the jump. They really go in. And if you are brand manager and your reading this you need to ask yourself a serious question. Are you representing the culture and protecting it at all costs. Moreover are you making your voice heard in boardrooms.

Why does every single local urban event at all levels rely on sponsorship to survive? Not one is self sufficient.

Is it bcoz artist fees & production costs are just too high? Is attendance too low? Or is everyone not willing to pay higher cover charge

I hope sum1 is looking into that bcoz it’s a lot of lively hoods relying solely on wat brands spend towards third party music activations

Sponsorship fees keep rising & I can promise you some of these brands are seeing zero returns. It’s not going to go on for much longer

Tough questions are being asked in boardrooms and if the balance is not achieved soon, gonna be a sad day when the coffers dry up

A lot of events out there surviving purely off stupid brand managers that buy into hype & burn money on BS or personal relationships

The fans need to start supporting the industry and making it self sufficient because these brands ain’t loyal mayne

I’ve worked on so many brands that have been involved in SA music. This shit is my passion. I live for it but even I have bhayiz’d

Influencer programmes are the in thing right now. Every artist wants to be Diddy & Dre but what is real influence actually?

Having a hit album or selling out a club doesn’t give an artist the ability to influence people on anything and everything

If your brand needs a celebrity in order to sell it then it ain’t shit to begin with. Write that down as the 1st slide of ur PowerPoint

The laziness coming out of agencies & brand teams is appalling. Nothing will ever be 100% to plan but damn can u not give us 30% effort

People are seriously running brands from their desks. The only interaction they have with their consumer is via Google & twitter

Braamfontein & Old Biscuit Mill is the new Black Diamond. 80% of brands from 80% of all agencies reference these in sum way

Brands need to turn up more with their agencies. & I’m not talking about that planned “trade visit” with ur pen & paper. Jaiva jou moer

Back to my first point. If events continue to rely on brand hand outs to survive, the future of the industry is looking bleak

Secondly artists need to show more respect to the people that keep their industry going. Promoters, brands, the fans

I don’t care about personalities but just be professional about your shit. Do what you say you will, when you said you will.

A few artists u can learn from that I’ve worked with

Babes Wodumo arrived 3hrs late to her performance at Spring Fiesta. To my knowledge I don’t know a single gig she’s been on time for

I don’t mean to name & shame… maybe I do but how is this acceptable? Is there a bigger local house event than Spring Fiesta in SA?

I can call her out because I already had it out with her manager on Saturday after Griffin Sessions.

We had 22 artists on the line up and EVERY ONE of them was on time, besides her

Take care of your craft. this is an artist I will f*cks with. Dude sound checked for like an hour til he was kicked off

This isn’t even a rant. It’s a plea. I love this industry. I have promoter, artist & manager friends. I’m invested in it’s success

I also hear the boardroom conversations tho & if people continue to take the piss, every1 loses in the end. It’s all business at the top

Diddy did wonders for Ciroc. But have you tasted Ciroc? That’s vodka truth. No one would have bought into a pap product. 1+1 =3 not 1+0

I’m the stage of my career now where if it’s not magic you can miss me. We all bought hype at one stage but I know better now

Number 1 reason I’ve left roles is bcoz they stopped wanting 2 make magic. Ur business card doesn’t matter if u not changing the game

“Stop trying to make it big. Make it quality. Then make it last” – Questlove


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