Brands That Could Have Broke Bread With Rappers x Their Lingo


Hip Hop in South Africa will be soon be used as inspiration for creativity in regards to urban brands. You think I’m talking shit ?

All good watch this space. Anyway happy 2017. Hope you are getting into the swing of things. Me? I am good. Spent most of my holidays road tripping and listening to music. Oh and writing articles which will be posted ver very soon.


While I was on Twitter I saw an interesting Tweet by AKA. He said that some agencies/brands are jacking lingo and should be breaking bread with rappers instead. Damn it. What a powerful and deep tweet. It really touched me and I was then inspired to do a piece on lingo that could have been used by brands in 2017 or lingo that still can be used. The thing with lingo is that it can get your brand message to an audience in a very cool and clever way. Gone are the days when you need to sit in the dark and look for a cool word to appeal to the black emerging middle class. Sorry mr Brand Manager. Those days are gone. Now you have rappers that are changing culture and having lingo which then take a form of their own. I am talking


Yo someone get Crosse & Blackwell on the phone. Tell em that Mayo is a thing. While you at it tell em that Speedsta is nominated for a Metro FM Award. Oh while you also making me a chicken mayo sandwich tell them that they missed a trick by not having this lingo in one of their ads.


What do you mean I don’t cava. What you mean I don’t understand? Cava is one of the terms that swept culture last year. Smiso was the driving force behind this lingo and it’s such a shame that no brand has picked up on this. What ? A cellphone brand could have used it ? You reaching now fam. Or you maybe onto something. Yo get Cell C , Vodacom , MTN on the phone. Tell them to use cava.


Closing the list is lingo which could be a thing depending on whether or not AKA names his album title using this word. Beaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaams is a cool lingo. I am not sure what it means but it just sounds cool. I can imagine many brands using this lingo. Maybe am alcohol brand can jump on this one. What ? Should I tell you who should use it ? nah fam if they want any ideas from me they should hit me up. I can tell them how to use beaaaaaaaaaaaaams and they then need to break bread with doro.

So there you have it. These are the terms that i randomly thought about. If you want to help me build the list hit me up in the comment section. Let’s get our rappers paid y’all. B





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