Why @CassperNyovest Merch Will Resonate With The Youth Of Mzansi


Every time Cassper Nyovest touches something we all pay attention. But how does he do it? Does he overhype things? Does he spam us with his business moves or does he have a Twitter army that is ready to go to war for Cassper.?

All of the questions are a fat no. Cassper really understands the power of branding and the power of eliciting a brand narrative for the kids in the hood. The kids who are wlling to spend their last penny. The kids who want to showcase their small wins. Getting their high school diploma, passing matric and even getting a proposal approved. Let me keep it real for a second. I bump Casspers music when it is time to go present to a client or getting amped to put my thoughts on paper. I feel that this is the reason that Refiloe will forever strike gold in whatever he touches. He gets where our hearts are at, he gets the struggle, he gets the come up. So when I first heard and saw a tweet that he is dropping merch or better yet opening a merch store I was like “Damn so he waited an scoped out the scene and he is ready to not drop clothes but drop a message and bring it to life in an exciting an interesting way.” After seeing that tweet I decided to write this piece on Casspers brand and the power he has in creating a narrative in everything he touches. He gets his consumers, he understands the power of connecting emotionally with South Africans

“We are yet to see a brave brand playing in the merch space and supporting rappers. When one brand does this they all going to swarm and flood this new important culture touchpoint” – Ndu Donsa

Merch is the new buzzword in hip hop. I don’t want to state the obvious but we are still yet to see a full blown 360 campaign where a rapper is pushing merch with the music. Sure there are guys like AKA who their activations and shows to promote their merch. That’s a very smart strategy. You about to go to the show and you have to buy merch. So smart. But I feel there is another level of consumer engagement that merch can play. I forsee rappers in South Africa not just dropping merch as an afterthought. Not like a “Oh I have dropped an album, let me drop merch to keep the album going”. No fam. You got it all wrong.

Consumers these days want to be drawn into your album in more innovative or smart ways. Or maybe that’s me. Maybe I am getting bored of the Twitter announcements that the album is coming. Maybe I am starting to yawn when I see the count down clock. As a fan of hip hop I want to be immersed in your narrative. I want to buy the album and at the same time buy the merch with then gets me an invite to your concert and when this is all done I can purchase a DVD. See what I did there? Cassper has really ticked off some of the more important touch points for the consumer. He has created his own platform, had his own cellphone, Fill Up The Dome in which he made a DVD out of it. The only thing he was really left to do is launch his merch. But is it time that Cassper gives us an all rounded experience?

With hip hop in this country being the in thing I feel that experiences are what will set the big big rappers versus the people who come and go in the game. This is becoming evident because of the amount of noise that is on these social media streets is alarming and hard to ignore but in my personal opinion lacks a personal experience. There is so much stuff. Everyone is up to something and pushing very hard. When it comes to Cassper pushing hard is in his DNA. He understands when to push and how to push.  So when its time to push here is what he will do.

Please ignore my over eagerness by predicting what this guy will do. I am a fan of the culture

  • He will link the merch with his new album
  • He will leverage the influence of Family Tre
  • He will tie a sales experience with the merch. An example of this could be rewarding fans who have bought merch to access the music in a an exclusive way and then gain access to Fill Up The Dome.

Those are just throwaway ideas and something I would advise Cassper to do because experiences are what will set rappers apart in 2017. Making money on the road is important but building your own properties is even more impressive. So for a guy like Cassper it becomes easy because he has the fans, he has the narrative, he has the push and he is innovative. What he is missing is how to link and build all of this together. I think he will do it. The APP idea is too ahead of its time by the way.

So while you there thinking Cassper is about to drop a t-shirt I am calling out that he will drop an experience.


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