5 Things To Look Out For When @SGOD_ZA #BlackSupremacy PT 1 Drops Friday Shot By @BlaQ_Smith


Styla Gang is set to drop their BlackSupremacy range on Friday. The cats are excited about this drop because it signals their rise as one of the brands to watch out for in 2017 in street wear  and urban culture in South Africa.

Last night out to Styla Gang to give us 5 things that we should all look for when the range drops on Friday.

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Peep the 5 things to look out for regarding #BlackSupremacy range photographed by Blaq Smith.

1. Informative:

Our capsule collection is titled Black Supremacy, which basically means to be high in support of black people or having preference of black people without bashing white people or those of other minorities. We are using this platform to communicate the importance of supporting black owned and the role that can play at a bigger scale for our economy.

That’s basically the massage we are communicating to our growing audience through clothes.


2.Good quality:

We as a brand are are at a point were we are knowledgable about different qualities and what role that can play in product consumption. We have prioritized quality with this capsule and will be giving people nice pieces to complement their outfits.



This element is interesting cause, we have managed to influence road safety, by simply using 3m material to enhance visibility for pedestrians at night.



With this capsule collection, we are collaborating with different photographers, film makers, international students and music artists, to help us spread the massage across different audiences


The Lookbook will be hard copy, but this will only come out as soon as we complete with our release for winter and have worked with different photographers across the country


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