Chopping Up: A$AP ROCKY Quotes From Office Hours Lecture At UCLA


ASAP Rokcy hosted a office hours lecture at UCLA a few months ago. I randomly stumbled across this video. At first I thought it would be the typical rapper talk. But boy was I mistaken. ASAP dropped so many jewels here an really chopped it up.

Speaking of chopping it up. I have chopped up the best quotes from the video interview. You can check them after the jump. Jewels I tell ya.

Quote:First tour was in 2011 with Kendrick                                                                                         Chop: Damn. He really opened up about this one. And he was very humble when he spoke about how he got his first look.

Quote:He always knew he had something
Chop: What a cocky dude. But yeah. He is cocky because he knows it. Now please clap you hands.

Quote:He always figured out he would be somebody
Chop: Even when he was broke, Flako knew he was ill.

Quote:He is in a position to display
Chop: This that cloth talk. Flack is all about the visuals and he wants to display.

Quote:The vision is the future. What you can see.
Chop:This is self explanatory. He sees into the future.

Quote:You can’t buy confidence
Chop:Can you print this one out and hang it next to your bed side table. You can’t buy confidence. You can buy other things though.

Quote:A poor man with confidence is unstoppable
Chop: This is my favorite quote out of the whole video. It’s like you need to appreciate the broke days.

Quote:He was mad he lived till 28
Chop: This is deep. Basically all the legends died at 27 and he was mad that he made it till 28.

Quote:He had to become more social with rappers
Chop:He was never social with rappers. It was all about smoking weed and garments. Now he has to be more hospitable with niggas.

Quote:Energy is contagious
Chop: ASAP keeps positive people around him.

Quote:Trippy colors changed his life
Chop:Cause of weed. Moving along.

Quote:He hates pictures
Chop: This was another stand out moment for me. He hates taking pictures and would rather people ask how he went about doing a particular song. He wants a fair exchange.
A thank you for what you do on the street means more than a grammy

Quote:He does not have a color or gender
Chop:H eis neutral

Quote:If you good you might have a shot
Chop:He knew he had the ability. He had to just work hard at it.

Quote:If he would time travel he would go to Woodstock
Chop:He would wear a poncho, chill and smoke weed with pretty girls and smell flowers

Quote: He wants to make music to bring people together
Chop: America is divided right now. Nun said.

Quote: He always looked to change things. He always saw things at trash.
Chop:He blames the people at the top for messing up things.

Quote:Virgil is a black man in the fashion industry.
Chop: He respects Virgil because the fashion world is made of gay men and virgil is fighting to break in as a straight man.

Quote: Craziest memory with Yams was at MTV he was trolling people, cursing people and saying Miley Cyrus Manager.
Chop: I miss my best friends as well.

Quote: You dont need school. Follow your passion.
Chop: He says you should value the internet. You can learn a lot from the internet and if you at school for your parents you need to quit.

Quote: ASAP Mob evolves everyday
Chop: The Mob is always changing.

Quote: He likes do different things in different fields. You have Andre 3000 X musician x the visionary and the actor
Chop: Don’t do corny shit. Do shit that makes you stand out.

Quote: Master your craft first before you get a label.
Chop: Damn Daniel. This is a quote and a half. He was saying you shouldn’t box yourself. No one starts as a master. Make sure your shit is different.

Well those are the chops from his lecture. Hope these inspire you. Make sure you peep the blog. We got more chops on the way.

Watch The Full Video After The Jump


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