Peep 2017 @SMB_DBN #BapsBucketHat x Why It Is Still Iconic For SA Urban Culture


.Since those days in 2010 we have popularised…. Street inluenced prints on tshirts

SMB has finally dropped their iconic BAPS Bucket Hat. The crew dropped their hat at the Sneaker Exchange Durban which is an annual event part of urban culture where people exchange sneakers.

5 brands to keep your eyes and ears on

The BAPS bucket was ridiculously accurate when it dropped. The culture had nothing to wrap their heads around and the T-Shirt game was too saturated. The BAPS bucket remains significant and iconic.  – Legend Man Cool 



Click Here To Read How SMB Ran Urban Culture Streets When Bucket Hat Dropped

Peep the bucket hats after the jump and see the styles from SMB which is one of the brands to look out for in 2017.


As our main claim to fame SMB took it apon ourselves to move away from the ordinary and bland fashion which was available through mainstream fashion outlets.



We painstaikingly went out to design our own clothes which we would wear at large events and in our daily lives


The positive responses we received from members of the public who were intrigued by our threads lead us to mass produce the clothes which we had origionally made for ourselves, which eventually kicked off our clothing business.



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