6 Things You May Have Missed On #MoreLife


More Life dropped on last week Saturday and it is nothing short of interesting lessons and deliberate textures from the most vulnerable rapper in our generation.

Drake decided to call More Life a playlist rather than an album or a mixtape. This strategy instantly allows anyone to listen carefully to each track and not skip the records. Because that’s how you listen to a playlist. Genius. There are 6 other genius things that are in More Life. Things which are tucked under the lyrics, singing and melodies. Drake deliberately played us to stream this playlist and to debate it over a hot cup of coffee, at the gym, in buses, over social media.

So to arm you with some pearls of wisdom check out these 6key lessons in more life which will make this the most talked about playlist of all time. All time.

Lesson 1: Drake always has love interests

Whenever Drake drops new music there is a love interest that is locked up in his heart and he finally lets us in on that secret. On More Life Drake talks about J-LO and how he drunk dialed her. This is line can be heard on Free Smoke. You can tell Drake did not want to keep us guessing. That J-LO secret was dropped very early on More Life.

Lesson 2: Drake Supports The Come Up Kids   

Drake believes that the best rappers are in the U.K. Dj Semex from the U.K is the only person to get Drake to talk about More Life. Every time Drake talks about new music he always has a setting. When Views dropped he was fixated on Toronto as the perfect backdrop . He spoke about how the city inspired him and how this is the music that reminds him of Toronto and the texures of the city. Oliver and 40 are always in cut.

It’s also no coincidence that Giggs made it so high on the ‘Playlist’. Giggs is a big time grime rapper in the U.K and it seems that Drake is really fond of him. He respects him because of the bars he can bring on a dance record. Least we forget that Drake’s first U.K cosign was given by Skepta who is also a grime rapper in the U.K

Lesson 3: More Life Is 70% Pop 30% Hip Hop

Drake has always wanted to win a rap award with a pop song. The most streamed song on Apple Music and the planet is One Dance which is a pop song that he pitches as a hip hop record. This tension has always surrounded Drake and every time he drops a new project he further wants to build on this tension. More Life is so filled with a big slap in the face to the traditionalists of rap music that you may start questioning your taste pallets on More Life. Out of 22 tracks 70% are pop and 30% are rap. Now this weighting can get very tricky because Drake often sings and raps every time he steps to the mic. Lately he has been rapping but not signing. But On More Life he is channeling his pop vibes. It’s as if Drake needs to prove a point. A point that even at the top of hip hop he is brave enough to win upcoming hip hop awards with a pop album. Genius.

Lesson 4: Drake never forgets    

Drake does not back down from a fight. From his Meek Mill to Joe Budden diss tracks Drake always brings it and his pen game is the probably the best in the game. Now on More Life there is one track which raise some serious suspicion. Drake is still calling out Tory Lanes. Mind you this beef is old af so it is very interesting that he still has this line on the Playlist. Did he release this song long time ago?


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