@Do__Me Chops Up The Constructed Denim Project #CultureChop


I first met Dome at Boston Society back in the days when he was pushing his label MCL otherwise known as ‘Middle Class Clothing’.

Ever since then me and homey have always spoken but never in great detail. Dome is a very elusive and packs a quiet aura. However his clothes are loud and pack a heavy attitude.

Fast forward to 2017 Dome is pushing his new project titled ‘The Deconstructed Denim Project”. I had a chance to chop it up with Dome. Peep the chop after the jump doe.


Is d-constructing a new thing ??

I don’t think so it’s been around, folk have been wearing torn jeans it’s an ongoing trend.   


What process do you go through ??

The process is lengthy, from sourcing the denim to zippers, bleaching, distressing and embroidery of the badges. I still have to paint and sew the badges on. 


How long does it take to deconstruct ??

I work, so I like giving myself time. I think 2-3 weeks is enough time, lol. Sometimes even longer due to availability of the denim


How has the reception been thus far??

Its been amazing, from the first jackets I dropped last year “Do It For The Kidz” till now the orders have been coming through. I did one for Naaq Musiq and he just hit me up recently he’s thinking of doing more just based on the reaction from his fans. 


You are a well known designer in the game .. Is this your new lane??

I would like it to be, I think that’s the end goal. I want to specialize in denim, yes it’s challenging but it’s exciting to me right now and when you think of denim or getting a fresh denim jacket you think of DDP. 


Why rebel against the system??

Every now and then you have challenge the norm. Sew on extra length exposed zips and tell people it’s dope and hopefully they buy it, lol. 


What music do you listen to when you de-construct ??

Definitely Future. 


Will you be exhibiting anytime soon ??

I’ve had people approach me and at the time I wasn’t ready. I think this year I will. 



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