Top 5 Trends From @Coachella Chopped Up By @Kele_Motlhamme


With social media buzzing and the rest of the world anticipating to see which artists rub shoulders with which celebrities, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Fest 2017 was yet another bold and fun experience.The lineup was mind-blowing ,expectedly making it to Top 5 “must-be-at” events in the world. The famously classic music and arts festival drew more than 200 000 people last year and the number ascends yearly. Are we surprised? Ofcause not. This is Coachella! It’s the culture, the fashion, the music and the trends that keep it alive and we’ll be covering how Coachella successfully achieves this.


Founded by a man called Paul Tollett and his events company “Goldenvoice”, the California Empire Polo Club floods with social media influencers, brands, bloggers and regular social media users .. Basically, if you own a smartphone, you’re Coachella’s golden marketing opportunity. In them creating an unforgettable party experience, you in turn do all the marketing for them through hashtags and capturing every moment. They are a market-concentrated brand who depend on customer satisfaction to be their brand-voice and my oh my, they have achieved this the best way possible. By inviting highly followed celebrities and artists, they somewhat gain their following through social-media big shots capturing their event and their followers wanting to be where all the trend setters are. Smart marketing tool if you ask me, the rock spirit too never dies, making even regular Rock-lovers present at every show.
This 70’s- Hippie cultured event promotes dressing up and having a good time, a simple tag line for this millennial age. All Coachella’s Marketing is through social media and occasional Billboards in Indio, California and with the future being digital, they have picked the best marketing platform to stay afloat – social media. In 2015 there were reported 40+ million views on Snapchat, that is almost 200 x the amount of attendees which basically means, over 40 million people in the world are interested in Coachella and this is why every millennial age focused brand wants to be a part of this massive event. Being sponsored by brands, Coachella as an event gains more  aesthetic , more finance and definitely more credibility.
Also having a reputation of being a “see-and-be-seen” event, this Festival  is an effective way for advertisers to supply Coachella goers with a “branded” experience. By handing out free hampers and gadgets, brands use the event to reach a broader market and create a corporate “cool” identity for their brand as the pictures of attendees wearing their shirts or using their products are uploaded to social media which the brand audience has access to.
Official Coachella sponsors include H&M, Jimmy Choo, Saphora ( who reportedly paid 7 figures for the opportunity, according to a Hollywood Reporter article) and many more. Besides the performances, fashion plays an integral role and every year fashion trends are spotted through Instagrammers, YouTubers and Snapchatters that attend Coachella. These are a few items captured in this years’ “unicorn-themed” event that I personally think predict our Summer/Spring trends this year.
1. Sunnies
Sunglasses are an absolute Coachella Culture necessity and the sun doesn’t only shine in Carlifornia so make sure you have a good quality pair of unique sunglasses.
2. Hair Jewels
Men-Accessories are becoming a thing, as spotted in recent runways and captured by bloggers, if you want to stay ahead this Spring, don’t shy away from delicates such as flowers in your beard, sounds a bit crazy right? It definitely looks better than it sounds.
3. Braids
Braids will never be out of fashion, this timeless trend will not only dominate Summer but will continue to dominate every other season. Play risky by getting highlighted braids and incorporate beads and other hair accessories.
4. Sheer
The perfect appeal! Sheer metallics/ Embroidery and bold see-throughs are the statement you want to make this coming Spring.
5. Heavy Metal
Jewelry is making a heavy come back, putting less pressure on  OOTD’s. A simple or colorful dress or play suite coupled with chunky metals is sure to add some character to your fit.
By: Kele Motlhamme

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