#HipHopVideoChop : @BlaQ_Slim Chops Up #Motto Official Music Video


I been thinking of the best way to chop up music videos. And it’s here. Welcome to the first feature of Hip Hop Video Chop. Here we will breakdown music videos in hip hop and chop them up GIF style.

First up is the homie Blaq Slim.

Skinny: Yo Slim what’s up with the cars in the music video ?


Slim :Hahahaha mahn that’s a story for another day….


Skinny: Do you mind chopping up the role your producer plays in your music 


Slim: Babylon Beats is an absolute genius mahn, we been making music together for like 5 years now. N we just make music based on emotion rather than genre. Like Motto for example is suppose to feel like a boxing match that’s why the video is shot that way, where it’s just Me, n me being ready to re-enter this music game after being ghost for a year. N because Babylon n i are two sides of the same coin, he completely gets me. It’s that Em n Dre type relationship or Drake n 40


Skinny: Can you describe your approach to writing 


Slim:I don’t write hooks, I hear the beat n mumble until something eventually comes out. N as for verses, I take my time with those, gotta be able to coñect to the beat


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