Chopping Up 10 Things You Can Expect At A Travis Scott Show (UPDATED)


1.He Performs For His Day 1 Fans


Forget the new Travis Scott. The old Travis Scott has so many hits and when he does his shows he always performs the tracks that made him. 

2. Involving The Fans 


When you go to a rage you should also know how to rage. At Coachella Travis Scott brought out two fans and showed them how to party. Oh and he also does stage dives with fans. That’s his thing. 

3. Engaging With The Fans  


Oh my word. Imagine rapping with Travis at his own show. Yip. Travis occasionally gives fans the mic and allows you to sing and rap with him. 

4. He knows how to make an entrance 


It’s not about how you finish it’s about how you make an entrance. At Coachella Travis came from the ground before he greeted the fans. 

5. He makes his shows very personal 


Rappers love bringing out people when they perform. At Coachella Travis brough ut his brother. This is proof that this guy always wants to bring something personal on the stage.

6. His Fans Are Fearless 



7. His Fans Are Die Hards 


8. His Fans Are Willing To Do Anything For Travis 

9. They Even Break Legs 


10. Always Drama


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