5 Things We Learned At @SXC_ZA #SXCCPT Weekend @PlayEnergyDrink

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 1.50.09 PMI am still licking my chops based on what I experienced at Sneaker Exchange Cape Town edition.

If you reading this you should know by now that Sneaker Exchange is a property created by Zaid Osman which allows the exchange of sneakers. Basically anyone can come in and exchange sneakers. Simple as that. Now that we got that out the way and I have given you the groudings of this urban culture property in South Africa let me tell you what I learned this past weekend.

1.The Sneaker Exchange Consumer Is Young 

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 1.50.09 PM

No hate on the old frogs that were at Sneaker Exchange but damn the consumer seems to be younger and more clued up what they want from street wear brands. I witnessed a consumer who was cool, funky, clued up and more importantly in the know. The other interesting thing is that there was a unisex appeal at this years Sneaker Exchange. If you were there you know what I am talking about.

2.Palm Tree Paradise Got Mad Luv


My relationship with Palm Tree Paradise goes way back. That is a story for another day. But when I chopped it up with the crew they told me how they were getting so much love in Cape Town. Yeah Cape Town. They basically told me that the culture is rich in Cape Town and people really enjoyed their set.

3.Riky Rick Is A Great Performer 



I linked up with Kyeezi and he took me backstage to meet Rick. I didn’t really meet Rick because he was in the zone preparing for his set. When Rick did eventually come on the crowd literally chewed up his performance, took off their shirts ( boys that is) and sang Makhados tracks word for word. I must say that I have been to a lot of shows but this one stands out for one reason. The SA Hip Hop fan was really engaged and in the moment.

4. Great Brand Presence From The Sponsors 


Image via Rolo Rozay

Whenever I got to events I always pay attention to the branding. Forget the stuff that gets draped on the wall. I really pay attention to how the brands come alive at these venues. I was really impressed by how PowerPlay and Absolut have showed love to the culture and being there for the kids. The subtle contribution to the culture from these brands was evident if you looked carefully.

5. Zaid Osman and Sneaker Exchange Team Have A Strong Property 


It is a well known fact that building a property is no joke. Some people get it right and some people hit bricks all day. Zaid and his team have really built a very strong brand property that is only going to get bigger. Who says that this property should not extend into other African countries ? Who says that Sneaker Exchange should not be a case study for brands on how to galvanize youth and tap into their passions.

With that being said major S/O to Zaid and his team. I was there during the 2014 Sneaker Exchange and your property is only getting bigger.

Yours In Content



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