Why @JRafrika #FeelGoodLiveSessions Is Innovative x 5 Things We Learned


Why don’t you live stream the rehearsal ? it’s raining , we will tune in . plus its an innovative idea that is untouched

Man oh man. I tweeted the above to a big rapper in the game. I was not surprised that that rapper did not follow up on the idea. The funny thing is that rehearsals or live sessions aint something new. Well it is a new idea in South Africa and JR has struck Gold.

There is nothing that gets my heart beating than artists creating content or building their own properties. JR is doing both and if he continues doing this he may be onto something. The other cool part of this is that JR will be able to keep his fans engaged with his content. When the album does eventually come he may even perform it on his own platform. Hows that for controlling your own narrative? Damn I could go on about this topic. It is really great to see our artists owning their creative and doing things on their own.

What I really love about this idea is the legs it has to be a solid property. Inviting other rappers to come perform is cool and all but having people become a part of this is something else. Imagine if JR took this on the road ? Imagine if he gave upcoming rappers the platform to showcase his skills. Hip hop does not need another TV lead thinking idea? No. It needs an experience curated by the fan. Okay let me shut up. I am giving away too much.

Anyway here are the 5 things we learned from #FeelGoodLiveSessions

1.Album coming out in June 

JR announced that the album will be coming in June. He has been very mum with his album. He has done the traditional media run. What he should do is preview his album on FeelGoodLiveSessions.

2.Aim is to inspire 

Hip Hop and opening up don’t go together. Rappers never talk about whats in their hearts to the point where they share their frustrations and what keeps them awake at night. I pray that this becomes a platform which reveals the human side of rappers. Lord knows we need that type of content.


Only JR could have done something like this. From ‘Clash Of the Choirs’ to wearing his producer hat and being a rapper JR is prolly the most cat in Africa. Therefore it makes sense that the music gets stripped away from the technology and heavy production. This is raw baby. As raw as you want it.

4. Rebranding 

Make that circle bigger was a big hit and it becomes hard to still have longevity in the game. Moreover the moment the digital age hit South Africa many rappers had to switch up their strategies to connect with fans. JR is smart in understanding the digital age. He is smart in investing his time in building content. That way he remains top of mind and is relevant in the game.

5. Culture Benchmark

I can’t stress this enough the benchmark that this sets for the culture. Ours is a culture where we need to own our own material and build pyramids whilst we are at it. We need content that not only entertains but engages and educates fans.

Major props to JR for this property. I am really inspired because this is a first in the market and it will do amazing things for your brand.

Yours In Content



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