Chopping Up 10 Brands x Businesses @CassperNyovest Could Get Involved In


When you are a child you are taught to dream. You are taught to write your goals on the wall, pray, revisit the goals, work hard and pray again.  Oh and never to pay attention to the haters.

My spider senses tell me that Cassper Nyovest once had a wall where he laid out all his goals and wishes as a youngin. Perhaps Cassper is like all of us. We dream and wonder when we will reach success. What I love about the goals on the wall story is that they are your own goals and nobody can claim to have the same goals.

Looking at Cassper Nyovest’s career is like staring at a wall with achievable dreams. From Filling Up The Dome, clinching a deal with Circo, MTN,to launching his own record label, to launching his own clothing store this guy has done it all. His wall is filled with accolades that some people will die not having achieved. This does however depend on how you view ‘achieving’. However in the music industry Cassper has filled his wall with accolades that maybe he is running out of space.

Because I am a curious fella and the traffic is forcing me to type this in my car I thought let me drop 10 things that Cassper could get involved in. These are 10 industries that Le Pantsula could do to not only move the culture but inspire the kids in the hood. I literally thumb sucked these out of my head but some of the industries make sense for Cassper because everything he does he does it for the kids.

Here we go.

1.’Sha Sha ‘Energy Drink 

I mean how amazing would it be for Cassper to have his own energy drink. Imagine if he called it ‘Sha Sha’. Damn. Imagine if the energy drink allowed you to ”Sha Sha’ you creative juices and doubled up on your hustles. I really see Cassper having an energy drink. It would really tie up his brand and make sense.  Anyone for a ‘Sha Sha’ ?

2. Nyovest Secondary School

Education and Cassper go together. Albeit in a bitter sweet way but imagine if Cassper created his own High School. This would not only make his parents proud but it would be his own way to say to the kids that education is cool. Oh and how about leaving a legacy? People who attend ‘Nyovest High’ would be so smart, driven and very progressive.

3. Politics 

Chance The Rapper and Kanye West have shown interest in getting involved in politics. Why? Because they have influence and the youth rely on them to be informed how to hustle up. Even though Cassper is not involved in politics at present I could see him being a minister or even launching his own youth party.

4. ‘Nyova’ Property Holdings 

Cassper is the one South African rapper I know who loves property. He understands the value of having something that accumulates in wealth. So what if he became a property mogul? Again the most important word here is accumulation. This guy likes accumulating stuff so property may be an interesting industry for young Nyovest.

5.Water Projects 

The fifth thing Cassper could get involved in is saving water. This is a real problem in Africa and imagine if Cassper went all water on us. Damn this would be very left field.

6. TV Channel 

We going big now. With the dull programming on TV and the influence Cassper has imagine if he went Harpo on us and created his own TV station. Damn. Imagine the kind of shows you would see on his tv station.

7. Stage Production 

A floating stage? Really? Cassper floating stage was the talk of the internet when Kanye did the exact same stage. Now if Cassper could do this first imagine the things he would do when it came to stage production. I can just imagine a floating crowd to be honest with you. Really a floating crowd?

8. Record Label Exec 

Okay I am starting it run out of ideas now but surely Cassper could and will be a record exec later on his career. This makes sense. Why is it even on the list.

9. Restaurant 

Oh I have a one. Imagine if Cassper had a restaurant where you could go and eat, drink your ‘sha sha’ and listen to the music, whilst wearing his merch. You see how achievable this is ?

10. President 

Yay we made it to 10. This is the most important and the most achievable one. Cassper could be our president one day. I know this is similar to politics but let’s just add it in here. Cassper for president. Would you vote?

Okay those are the 10 things Cassper could get involved in. The traffic is slowly moving and I don’t want to be causing a traffic jam. Let me know if you have any thoughts or builds to this list.

Yours In Content



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