Chopping Up @CassperNyovest Approach To Using Names In His Albums

SkinnygenesTV-Artwork-15-1Cassper is set to drop his third studio album titled #Thuto tomorrow. The streets are ready to hear the new narrative that he will be taking.

When it comes to music Cassper has an approach which is pure genius.  He not only hits you with music that makes you want to go out there and hustle, Caspper always showcases his family in the music. I am not talking about Family tree but rather the close people that have shaped who he is as a person. There are many characters in his life that he introduces us to. He not only raps about these people but gives us a glimpse on the role they have played in his life.

Here are the hidden meanings in his music and how he uses names in his music

1. The Characters In His First Album 

Tsholofelo Skit , Track 4 in Tsholofelo 

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 11.20.41 AM

  • The person: This is Casspers Little Sister
  • What story: She was the person who gave R50 he to take a taxi to Johannesburg

Doc Shebeleza  Track 11 in Tsholofelo 


  • The person: The Kwaito legend who
  • What story: Cassper celebrated his role in music and kwaito culture

2. The Characters In His Second Album 

In his second album Cassper carried on using the device of using names in his music.

Refiloe track 4


Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 11.34.52 AM

“In front of your kids I mean you supposed to be Superman. I still said there is no nigga that is cool as my dad”

  • The person: His name is Refiloe
  • What story: Here he was talking about his mother and father. Cassper was talking about his father and he called him ‘Superman’ which funny enough is track 5 on Thuto

Malome track 4

  • The person: His uncle which he did not call by name
  • What story: Cassper talks about his recent success and the stuff he is dealing with.


Stay glued here as we uncover more chops in Casspers music. Thuto is an album about his older sister. And we all can’t wait to hear what he says about her in the album dropping tomorrow.



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