New Chop: @Breeze_SA Chops Up 10 Lessons Of Being Independent


Breeze aka Zulu Bass King aka Mr Trend Setter should be signed by now. The dude has put in so much work as a rapper and it’s a shame that labels are sleeping on the boy.

But instead of crying and ranting on how gifted the homie is Breeze has taken it upon himself to put himself on. The homie has his own shows, he shoots his own music videos, he goes to other neglected provinces to reach out to his fans. Simply put Breeze is a true definition of an independent star.

We wanted to find out more about how Breeze does what he does and how he can inspire other kids. So he kindly decided to chop up 10 lessons on being independent .

Peep the 10 chops. After the jump though.

1. Be a registered Risa/ Sampra and Samro Member.

Many times artists who are starting out , miss the most important parts and that is simply being registered a very crucial aspect as a Independent artist. This is where you get your royalties , funding opportunities on emails man there is so much information you gain from just being a member of these.

2. Register your own Company or have someone who you trust to have a company to do your publishing.

This is so important because I had made a mistake in the past, not being able to claim your royalties sucks ass. This ensures that you own your music, the artist rights and composition. This also makes it easier for you to put up your music on all stores by yourself or with help from whoever is running the company.

3. Have a Booking Email / Gigs or Features.

It’s important to know where people can get a hold of you as an independent artist, leaving your information where people can see is your bread. Remember you are not well know yet so always make yourself available to the public interest.

4. Get a Team.

This get a team thing is always taken lightly, it doesn’t mean you need 10 people. As a Independent artist you always trying to minimize costs , so even getting someone to manage your bookings and emails helps. A Dj you can trust, the Dj can even take on two tasks either as your manager or Hypeman( takes your snapshots for social media). It’s all sounds hard but you have to start somewhere to have a big team like Cassper.

5. Social Media / Digital Presence.

Lalela social media can make or break you as you know Cassper Nyovest was also called a Twitter rapper at some stage lol ? Now look at him. Anyway social media is the tool that amplifies your digital presence , make sure to interact with fans as much as you can. Grow a cult following of some sort remember again nobody knows you but the digital space needs your music it needs to see you, it needs to know what kind of artists you are. Use all platforms Facebook Twitter Instagram SoundCloud and YouTube.

6. Be original/ authentic.

This is the reality of you Independent you have to work 5x harder than a signed artist. You may be overlooked but that shouldn’t bother you , just make sure you are true to who you are and your style is impeccable. We in South Africa there are so many things culturally to be proud of so use it any chance you get. The audience always wants something new, don’t get it twisted they might keep listening to the same garbage but trust in what you have came up with stay on it and stay in your lane.

7. Be Humble

Bitch sit down Sorry lol I had to quote King Kendrick on this, many a times people play the humble card. In your case as a Independent artist you need to have humility and be humble but never be a fool. You will have to learn to sell CDs of the boot of your car , taxis or your bloody back pack. This is no extravagant shit you have to be willing to struggle travel around the country no matter what it takes.

8. Brand yourself.

Work on your image and what sets you apart, do photo shoots any chance you get and make sure they high quality pictures. Have a easy to read yet good on the eyes profile, add your achievements etc. I don’t have this yet and it pisses me off, GET A WEBSITE! This can get you verified on twitter yo!

9. Work on a fire single /shoot a fire Video get Good P.R.

It’s easy to say il just put money up and blow up. Unfortunately it don’t really work like that you must have a good quality song accompanied by a nice clean video. Kid you not this formula is still being used for years now , killer single killer video. Then gorilla push it with your fans and all that money you have saved up put it into some P.R to help promote it.

10. Do your own shows.

If all fails but you have done all these steps and Promoters don’t want to book you, do your own shows in other provinces and cities . You have got your following right? Got fans to check you out on your social media hoping you have tracks out on the digital space. Do your own show South Africa is really big and you have to go out there and get it, research phone promoters from different places trust they always willing to hear you out. *Remember these steps are here to help you and we all have our own way of pushing , just always believe in your movement. Nobody dictates your success but yourself fame is not the objective but making money to sustain your independence is.


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