Artwork Chop : @Lilyachty Album Cover x Linking It To His Past Work

SkinnygenesTV-Artwork-12-3We are back with a new chop on album artwork. This time we chop up Lil Yachty album cover for his upcoming album “Teenage Emotions”. Damn this album cover is littered with so much meaning and stuff that hits at the core of what is hip hop.

Truly speaking only Yachty could pull of a cover like this. I mean he is not the traditional hip hop artist, he is young, his market does not adhere to the typical hip hop culture. Simply put this guy is causing a lot of noise with the old heads because he is simply doing him.

In the cover Yachty has brought to life things which are typically frowned in hip hop. Things which go against the status quo. Lil Yachty’s album meaning is very hard to ignore and the impact is has on hip hop right now.

Here is how we chopped up the meaning and how it links back to his previous work.

1.Two Guys Kissing 

“Hip-hop seemed like it was about fighting for your rights in the beginning, about speaking your mind, and breaking down barriers or whatever,” he continued. “But everybody in hip-hop discriminates against gay people. To me, that’s one of the standards in hip-hop is to be like, ‘You fag, you gay.’”

This is a Kanye West quote back in the days with Sway 2005 interview. I love his point in how hip hop was fighting for your views in the beginning.

Enter Lil Yachty. He is being crucified for bringing gay people in his artwork.

And how is Eminem’s verse against being gay

“I invented prick, and that’s a true statement, I see the bitch in you, Caitlyn / I keep the pistol tucked like Bruce Jenner’s dick”.

As you can see Hip Hop has always had a view point of being gay.

I think Kanye sums its up well here

But Cassidy is not feeling it

Has Yachty spoken about being gay in his previous work ??

Yachty did load a video talking about his upcoming album. People were not really feeling this.

My verdict: So what if he is into red hair. It does not mean he is gay and less of a rapper.

2. Obesity 

I am not American and hope to visit America before I die. What I do know is obesity is a problem in America. But damn McDonalds tastes so good.

According to Yachty obesity was never serious until high school.

The American Govt did pilot an obesity programme for high school kids. They even spent  $3.5 million to create anti-obesity hip-hop songs like the instant classic, “Bake Don’t Fry.”

Link to Yachty’s music is hard to link here so let’s move on 

3. Albino and Vitiligo

I searched for hip hop amongst these terms and could not see anything. The only reference to Vitiligo revealed a Michael Jackson search result and how an autopsy revealed that he had Vitiligo. Secondly Albino and hip hop also revealed the same thing.

My conclusion here is that these are somewhat of the unspoken things in hip hop. So I have to commend Yachty here for raising awareness and speaking to the kids who have these two conditions. He is simply saying that they should not be neglected and they are teenagers as well. Who happen to listen to hip hop.

Link to Yachty’s music is hard to link here so let’s move on

4. Emo Kids 

Prolly the most important neglected topic Yachty brought to life in his artwork is emo kids.

Whenever I think of Emo Kids I am reminded of the below

The artist above is ‘Yung Lean’ and is leading the new wave of Sad Boys/Emo rap. Music that glorifies being sad and depressed.

The only reference to Yachty i can pin point with emo is his style and the way that he raps. Some call it mumble rap.

If you reading this up until this point thank you. This is by far the most complicated things I have had to write. The format is cool though. May use it in more chops moving forward.

I hate writing conclusions but when it comes to Yachty the old school hip hop dinosaurs should leave this guy alone. He is making music for the teenagers. People who care about societal issues, being gay, being emo and if you happen to be an albino or have Vitiligo then it’s cool.

Yours In Content



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