@Do__Me Chops Up The Constructed Denim Project #CultureChop


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5 Things To Look Out For When @SGOD_ZA #BlackSupremacy PT 1 Drops Friday Shot By @BlaQ_Smith


Styla Gang is set to drop their BlackSupremacy range on Friday. The cats are excited about this drop because it signals their rise as one of the brands to watch out for in 2017 in street wear  and urban culture in South Africa.

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Decoding 1st #SkinnyBrandSeries

Hi there. Happy Sunday 🙂

Hosted the first ever #SkinnyBrandSeries few weeks back. If you reading this for the first time #SkinnyBrandSeries is a dialogue around urban brands. Free of charge, all you need to bring is your brand and a piece of paper. You end up leaving the 2 hour session with thought provoking answers that will assist in doing whatever you doing. 

QUOTE- “We have to get a point where peeps wanna buy our brand cause its cool and i will pay 600 for it” 

First and foremost thank you to @BoastonSociety for allowing us to host on the day. The full write up of what transpired will be shared on the next #SkinnyBrandSeries and we will unpack what went down on the day.

I won’t lie the turnout was something I did not expect. Partly because no marketing, pr, tweets (which is not marketing just a channel) were sent to inform people that this event would be happening. Some peeps even asked me why I did not have a poster out. At first I wanted to but then my inner instigator told me not to. Whoever wanted to come and engage would do so to build their brand and find out how to have. 

QUOTE: “You should sell your story but that story should be sold to everyone”

Not sending tweets also made me understand something about the urban culture that we are all saying we belong to. Unless you give people a compelling reason to come to hear you out you will fail. Yes, fail dismally. Funny thing though is how parties are filled up using a single #, heck they even trend. Lesson 1- its hard to introduce a topic  to people when they want to #TurnUp and have fun. I challenge this thought or finding based on the fact that the very parties are owned by brands.  Brands are shaping the culture and controlling the culture we belong in. We are fed with so many messages that make us great, make us feel confident in all that we do. Reality is reality. Brands shape this reality. 

Learning #1

What people thought a brand is and what it is not

“What I thought it is”     vs      “What it actually is”                  
A lifestyle                                 Its a message
Twitter Following                     Communicating a dialogue
I want to purchase a brand that makes me feel good”
For now thats what I found to be compelling. Will be announcing the next series and introducing the topic within the coming weeks.
Im beyond. Till the next series kindly enjoy the videos that are being released which feature local brands carving their story.